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mobilads Announces New Research and Data- Driven OOH Advertising Platform Reaching Consumers at Over 200 Live Events in 2023

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The Event Marketing Area (EMA) Initiative Allows Brands to Target Attendees
at and around Festivals, Conferences, Sporting and Cultural Events and Conventions with Precision

mobilads, one of America’s fastest growing Out of Home (OOH) Advertising companies, has announced the deployment of the EMA Initiative, a new suite of data, targeting, and advertising tools enabling agencies and brands to reach over 200 live, in- person events in 2023 and 2024 across the USA.

While in-person gatherings are back in full swing post-Covid, the high price tag for sponsorships can be daunting. And for event sponsors, enhancing their investment while filtering out the non-relevant reach is essential. That’s where mobilads and the EMA comes in.

“Our new Event Marketing Area (EMA) initiative provides both challenger brands and event sponsors with data and intelligence, vibrant creative options, retargeting capabilities, and versatile Out-of-Home solutions,” said Craig Cook, mobilads CEO. He added, “EMA enables your campaign to effectively reach and engage target audiences IRL during and around intent-rich, culturally relevant moments, at scale.”

The EMA is a play on the Designated Market Area (DMA) which has been used for decades by advertisers to target specific geographic regions where their products are sold. Major events — think SXSW, the Super Bowl, Sundance, the RNC and DNC conventions — create a virtual market within a market that exists for only a short period of time. This is the Event Marketing Area, a concentration of very specific audiences in a rapt and ready state of mind, all quite different demographically from the regular inhabitants of the DMA.

The new EMA database, available exclusively from mobilads, provides advertisers with a plethora of audience data and targeting options for conferences, sporting events, cultural gatherings and festivals in virtually every US market. mobilads then creates bespoke campaigns with fleets of vibrant wrapped rideshare vehicles with in- car advertising options and digital retargeting technology, engaging consumers throughout their attendee journey, from airports to hotels to stadiums to afterparties and more. Retargeting campaigns can be lit up to drive engagement, lead generation, and sales.

Niels Sommerfeld, COO of mobilads, noted “The mobilads EMA initiative enables advertisers to find, reach, and engage geo- located mobs of unique, identifiable consumers. Consumers who, for a brief time, have created a thriving and distinct new market (EMA) within an existing one (DMA), and are ready to be embraced by your marketing message. “

A survey by Eventbrite shows that 80% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase a product or service after seeing it advertised at or around a live event. And the mobilads EMA initiative makes event marketing work even better.

Marketers can request the mobilads Event Marketing database and a consultation by contacting niels@mobilads.co. Introductory, fast- deployment, turn-key and bespoke ad packages are now available, allowing brands to create a lasting impression on event attendees, drive your brand awareness, generate buzz, and increase sales.

About mobilads:
mobilads is a data-enabled advertising platform that utilizes wrapped rideshare fleets as moving billboards nationwide. mobilads leverages mobile location data to retarget audiences and measure campaign performance against digital and physical conversion events. Founded in 2017, and based in New York City, mobilads has over 100,000 vetted rideshare drivers available, and has crafted over 300 campaigns to date on behalf of leading local, regional, national, and international advertisers. For more information, contact niels@mobilads.co or 919-623-7031

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