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OOH’s Minority Report is Here —Of Amazing Pedestrian Crosswalk and Train Platforms

The OOH Experience —AR for Everyday Practical Use —2 Videos

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train station platform with ads in Sydney
train station platform

Amazing Future of Pedestrian Crosswalks
Will an ad eventually find its way in?

The 18 second video below shows the future to safer crosswalks at busy intersections.  And its amazing! 

Future crosswalks in Tokyo via Tokyo Otaku Mode AR AugmentedReality

Another AR story below

map in Augmented Reality
augmented reality map in the palm of your hand

Minority Report is Here, Literally Waiting on the Platform 

Sarah Tan

 Sara Tan, a freelancer and visual designer at ustwo works with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality among many other mediums.

She made an Augmented Reality (AR) experience where one can view a map of the Sydney Rail Network. Where she lives and how she travels.

Check out her 28 second video⇓

Here is what Sara has to share:

“Want a quick glance of a transport map but there’s none around?  I’ve made an Augmented Reality (AR) experience where you can view the map of Sydney Rail Network with your Opal card (Sydney’s public transport card) as a little side project. I’ve seen others have done this for their cities, so I thought it’ll be fun to do one for Sydney! This is done with Facebooks AR development platform, SparkAR. I’ve been playing around with it for the past month and I’m hooked! Here are some added benefits: 1. The AR can be triggered from Facebook app’s camera with a link, there’s no need to download an app just for it! 2. Most people have the standard adult opal card so the AR experience is accessible. Would love to know your thoughts or if I should publish it! 🙂 Map graphics and content belongs to Transport for NSW  P/S: Apologies for the blur video, the names are clearly seen in real life 🙂 augmentedreality sparkar opal  


map in Augmented Reality



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  1. Patsy says

    The crosswalk is an amazing idea! Imagine how many accidents and deaths could be prevented. OOH for good!!

  2. Bill Board says

    thank you for your comment Patsy,
    With that AR crosswalk, the likelihood of anyone running through it is little to none. Life saver for sure. The opportunity to have ads to sponsor would be welcomed as well.

  3. Bill Board says

    Thank you Patsy. It is unlikely anyone would ‘run through’ the AR ad. It would do well as a sponsored message as well.

  4. N Gimenez says

    Hi Great activation¡
    Do you have any idea about the provider of this solution?

  5. Bill Board says

    N Gimenez, We did not keep the file and reference. I am sorry we are unable to share the source information.