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Make the Connection using In-Venue DOOH 

“50% say DOOH encouraged them to make a purchase there and then”

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Mary Perrella

by Mary Perrella is VP Media + Marketing for Vengo Labs

While many people equate Out of Home (OOH) advertising with billboards, street furniture and transit ads, there are more extensive OOH activations that reach consumers in the real world, as they go about their daily activities.

Today, screens inside venues such as gyms, colleges, bars, offices, and grocery stores are the fastest growing segment of DOOH advertising.   These contextual screens create curated platforms for marketers to reach consumers in a more intimate way.   That’s why we call In-Venue DOOH “The Connection Media” – your brand meets the consumer where she is, integrated into her routine.

Can In-venue DOOH screens be the key to human happiness?

If social connection is the key to human happiness, then in-venue OOH screens inject your brand into the places that enable happiness – and what could be more powerful than that?  Contextually, connection is in-venue DOOH’s secret sauce.

When consumers with a strong connection to a venue see something on a screen that means something to them…it can crystallize into a lasting impression

According to SIGHTLINE DOOH Difference Report 4/2022, “[Consumers] like, trust, and engage with DOOH and find it enhances their surroundings, often offering a favorable assessment of DOOH relative to marketers.”

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When consumers choose to spend time in a venue, they are having an experience. They’ve chosen the venue for a reason.  Whether they’re going to the gym to work out or to a bar to meet friends, they’re having a shared experience with other people who have also chosen to spend time there.   Those who see your ads at the gym are at their club, with their people; at a bar watching the game with fellow fans.

That connection within the context of the venue is the key difference between traditional and in-venue DOOH. Consumers are fully engaged in their environment—their phones are down, and their eyes are up.  They have chosen to be in these venues, and now they are associating your brand with a place they are personally connected to.

It works…

Imagine you’re a sports drink manufacturer, and you’ve created a compelling campaign for a specific audience: runners, weekend warriors, and weightlifters. You’ve locked in a nice billboard next to the freeway to build broad awareness, but you have a nagging sense that you could be doing more to reach these target groups of people at the right time and place. And you’re right.

So now imagine your campaign in a gym. All day long, runners, weekend warriors, and weightlifters are walking past it, checking it out, and now, consciously or unconsciously, considering adding your drink to their regimen. Now that’s connection.

When consumers with a strong connection to a venue see something on a screen that means something to them—like a sports drink for a thirsty gym-goer—it can crystallize into a lasting impression. An impression becomes a connection, a connection becomes a motivation, and a motivation turns into an action. This is where in-venue OOH shines.    Add a QR code to your creative and you can take that a step further and drive them to learn more or signup for offers.

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Now you’ve really hit your target in the right place at the right time.   According to the DPAA — “50% say DOOH encouraged them to make a purchase there and then”.

Let in-Venue DOOH placements deliver ROI for you. We’ll have the champagne chilled and ready.

Mary Perrella is VP Media + Marketing for Vengo Labs.  Mary leads sales, marketing and social media strategy, and measurement. Vengo is the recognized leader in programmatic in-venue DOOH, connecting brands with consumers in the venues where and when they go. Vengo has over 25,000 screens available across the programmatic ecosystem in Gyms, Bars, Colleges, Grocery stores, Residential lobbies, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels and more.

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