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Look Media –OOH Owner Today

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OOH Owner Today  –Look Media
Hyper-local media at scale

Michael Baker

Michael Baker, CEO at Look Media answered some questions in an exclusive OOH Today interview:

OOH Today: 1. Why should advertisers choose Look Media?
Michael Baker: Did you know Geopath says half the traffic on the road is out for shopping and errands? Shopping centers are the modern town square, where the audience is general market, in a shopper mindset, and devoting long dwell time visiting these places.

Look Media operates a national network of shopping center-based pole banners in 4,500+ locations in 170+ DMAs – hyper-local media at scale. Top brands reach consumers with our high impact visuals at low CPMs. Focused on pole banner media exclusively, we are expert operators in both campaign planning and field operations.

OOH Today: 2. What material are the Look Media Banners made from?
MB: Vinyl of course! More importantly, they’re double-sided, and hang low on the pole – just over the roofline of cars at eye level. And being on light poles, they’re 100% illuminated. Advertisers are guaranteed 100% SOV.

OOH Today: 3. What is the company’s key to success in the OOH business?
MB: We deliver a general market audience primed for commercial messaging. People come wallets open, ready to spend. Moreover, the format itself is decorative – many public spaces are adorned with light pole banners, so the media is more easily received as part of an experience visitors are opting into.

So we start with the ideal environment, add high impact visuals – the minimum buy is 12 faces at eye level – and layer on a measurement suite powered by Placer.ai that gives confidence to buyers about who they’re reaching. And we’re focused. Since we ONLY do pole banners, our proprietary software is custom-built to manage our entire workflow, honed over the years, tracking each piece of our value chain. This tight operational system enables us to overdeliver and become a trusted partner for media buyers.

OOH Today: 4. Can you share some of the benefits Look Media gets from partnering with shopping centers?
MB: Shopping centers are where the action is – it’s the modern town square. And almost every week we see a news article about how in this post-COVID world, suburban regions are drawing more people away from urban cores. Also, shopping centers have a broad mix of stores – groceries, pharmacy, fitness, dining, hardware, electronics, banking – each of which can be a proxy for an audience segment. We can flexibly place banners in areas more likely to over-index for who advertisers want to reach, getting in front of traffic flow to specific retail categories.

OOH Today 5. What are some future goals for the business?
MB: More coverage for our clients, and more client types for our coverage. We have 100+ locations in major markets and continue to bolster underserved areas. And while we’ve seen a lot of success in select economic sectors, there is more room to run. More broadly, between digital fatigue and privacy law headwinds, OOH in general, and place-based formats in particular, deserve a much larger slice of the media pie of the future.

OOH Today 6. Share a fun fact about your company!
MB: We originally started as the American outpost of an Australian experiential marketing company with a fleet of Vespa scooters towing cute billboard trailer signs. We’ve come a long way since then.

For more on Look Media visit www.lookmediausa.com

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