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Local Media Outdoor Picks Up 390+ Billboards

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Local Media Outdoor Acquires Certain Interstate Outdoor Assets

Morris Multimedia, Inc of Savannah, Georgia announced the acquisition of a portion of Interstate Outdoor by its outdoor division, Local Media Outdoor.  The acquisition of approximately 390 faces, comprises certain static and digital billboard assets of Interstate’s total 900 faces, located in the eastern North Carolina area, including Wilmington, NC.  Morris Multimedia owns Wilmington television station, WWAY.  Based on LMO’s website, prior to the buy, they owned 10 structures.

Terry Harkins is the general manager of LMO.  Mike Coleman will be joining LMO as market manager for the North Carolina assets. Both were previously with Fairway Outdoor until January 2019.

Morris Multimedia is a privately owned media company founded 49 years ago by Charles H. Morris, President and CEO. The company also owns newspapers, television stations, magazines, a digital Agency, and other assets in 10 states and the Caribbean.

Read the full story from the Gainesville Times ⇒Local Media Outdoor acquires North Carolina Billboards




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  1. Piedmont Billboard Watcher says

    With Local Media doubling its NC presence, I am confident that Local Media is going to become the next-generation Fairway. Why I say that is because one of the other Morris media companies owned the original company (which it turned from Naegele to Fairway in 1992.) for decades, and they probably would have been better off still under Morris ownership. Watch out pesky Lamar, THE FAIRWAY WILL RISE AGAIN!

  2. Bill Board says

    PBW: next generation Fairway? That is an interesting prediction and a warning to Lamar? Bold stuff. We like it.
    Is becoming a next generation Fairway something to aspire too? There have been very few successful companies owning OOH AND Broadcast who have really done well.
    Morris is arguably one of them, though a case can be made in either direction.
    We wish Local Media well. Thank you for your comments.

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