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Liquor Store Billboards Pulled Over by Community

Ad Copy Put the Town Over the Limit

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wrinkled billboard coming apart
This unstrapped flagging image does not acquit the Industry well.

Save-On  —Lost

 Small town Indiana, Marion. Population just under 30,000. Burkhart Advertising Country

Ad copy for Save-On Liquor Stores‘ billboards were designed for levity and fun.  The creative actually is cute in a small town kind of way.  Copy which may not be the OOH award winner of 2019 but its effective in its attempt to lighten the the readers day juxtaposing words and copy. It works. 

The campaign had four different designs with unique copy which said:
  • “Math’s not hard. Water + Barley + Yeast + Hops = BEER. You’re Welcome”
  • “Doing our part to help population growth for 50 years. Do your part”
  • “When life gives you lemons…Grab tequila & salt and turn it into a party. You’re Welcome”
    The offensive disorderly billboard copy, which put the town over the limit, creating a seismic stir forcing Save On Liquor to remove the dangerous offender by taking it off the streets like a drunken driver endangering the public. What was the copy?
  • “Liquor. Cheaper than therapy. You’re Welcome”

Here is what Save-On Liquor had to say about the design which tanked the town.

“We continue to make really big investments in terms of infrastructure, technology, inventory and personnel. Our goal of the campaign was to create a rotation of simple, funny messages to make folks aware of the changes and hopefully pique their interest to pay us a visit. While creating the campaign, our team spit-balled 20+ ideas for creative content and we narrowed those down to 12. Some were omitted because we didn’t find them all that funny, others because they might be considered offensive. This particular billboard was meant to be omitted but it accidentally made its way up earlier this week. As soon as we were made aware of it, we contacted the outdoor advertising firm and asked them to remove, which they’ve done. It will be replaced with an approved ad.

We currently operate 36 licensed retail package stores in north central Indiana and take responsible retailing of a controlled substance very seriously. Our intention is to be wonderful corporate neighbors in the communities that we serve.”

Why was it even printed if it did not meet approval?  A sell out? Or good business? What do you think?

Read the news story⇒ Morons in Marion Force Liquor Store to Remove ‘Offensive’ Billboard




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