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Lindmark Ink is revolutionizing the large-format digital printing industry by offering a first-of-its-kind policy of printing an advertiser’s billboard vinyl advertisement within 24 hours of artwork approval.  Lindmark Ink is also offering FREE PRINTING to demonstrate its ability to “walk the walk”.  Lindmark Ink understands the importance of faster printing because Lindmark Ink’s sister company is Lindmark Billboards which operates over 6,300 billboard faces.  Being a billboard company, Lindmark understands that turnaround time means more exposure time for the advertiser and more revenue for the billboard company.

Lindmark Ink is also offering FREE PRINTING to demonstrate its ability to “walk the walk”.

From an advertiser’s point of view, the faster its vinyl advertisement can be printed and installed, the faster its message reaches its intended audience.  With a fast turnaround of its printing, an advertiser is also guaranteed not to miss any display time under its advertising contract with its billboard company.  Looking at a 1-year contract with a monthly billing rate of $1,000, an advertiser will pay about $32.88 per day to have its vinyl advertisement displayed on its selected billboard.  If its advertisement is not timely provided to the billboard company, an advertiser could be paying such amount regardless of whether its advertisement has been installed because most advertising contracts begin billing whether an advertisement has been installed or not, so long as the delay is not caused by the billboard company.  And, most delays are not caused by the billboard company, occurring either with printing turnaround or artwork approval.  Therefore, longer printing turnarounds cost advertisers money.

message for Lindmark Ink

From a billboard company’s perspective, the faster its advertiser’s vinyl advertisement can be printed and installed, the quicker the advertiser enters the billboard company’s billing system.  The quicker the advertiser enters billing, the quicker the billboard company’s revenue is increased.  Looking at the converse of the above example, under a 1-year contract with a monthly billing rate of $1,000, a billboard company will earn about $32.88 per day.  Therefore, a billboard company is losing about $32.88 per day for every day it waits on its advertiser’s vinyl advertisement to be printed and provided to it for installation.

Lindmark Ink is centrally located in Norman, Oklahoma, so it is able to standard ground ship to over 85% of the continental United States within 2 business days.  Coupled with its industry-fastest print turnaround time, Lindmark Ink can get your printed materials in your hands or in your billboard company’s hands in the shortest possible time.  This quick turnaround will allow your vinyl advertisement to reach your intended audience more quickly, and it means increased revenue to billboard companies that they would otherwise never receive.

Lindmark Ink is able to meet this turnaround time because it has the fastest printers in the industry.  It is able to print a 14’x48’ vinyl advertisement in about 5 minutes.  And, while Ink currently runs a 12 hour shift, as volume grows it has the capacity to run a 24 hour shift, allowing it to print an additional 500,000 square feet per day.

Lindmark Ink is confident your business will be better off printing with it – whether to get your advertisement in front of your audience faster or to increase your revenue faster.  Therefore, Lindmark Ink is offering FREE PRINTING if you choose to print with it today.  Your first print job, not to exceed 672 square feet and including standard ground shipping within the continental United States, is FREE.

Contact Lindmark Ink today via email to sales@lindmarkink.com or call Greg Stewart at 407-576-6922.

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