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Lighting It Up!

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Keeping this Saturday OOH Today ‘Lite’ reading.  Three short videos, you may find entertaining on projection mapping.  Don’t miss the Heineken video.

This is a very cool building Projection Mapping from Charlie Pounds Twitter feed.@chop135C
The video above is short, 11 seconds, and worth the watch.  Click here ⇒ the video via Twitter

Heineken, 80 second video uses projection or video mapping with a billboard for even more special effect. Click on the arrow below.

The “reel’ video below is entertaining showing projections on a variety of objects! 1:47 seconds.

 Projection Mapping is part of the Experiential category

Projection Mapping can be a significant percentage of the OOH budget.  It is very effective when executed properly.  A large crowd at an event would be a must in providing the greatest return on investment.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projected light is ‘mapped’ onto any surface, turning common objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays.  Projection mapping uses light and image to “map” a lighted image onto an object, typically a building.   Projection mapping turns ordinary walls and surfaces into dynamic, animated works of art. Projection mapping can be used for advertising, live concerts, theater, decoration and anything else you can imagine.

Why projection mapping?
  • Projection mapping reaches mass audiences in a short amount of time, creating an impacting experience for a shared, arresting memory.
  • Projection mapping uses every surface as a projection screen, including billboards, buildings, vehicles, people, props, and statutes.There is no limit to the ‘canvas’.
  • Projection mapping is easy, quick and flexible in message rotation.


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