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Legends in Outdoor

Preview of the Formetco Video Series Trailer

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Legends in Outdoor

A New OOH Video Series
featuring icons of the outdoor industry.

There are people and businesses in the Outdoor Advertising Industry who are in it for the money and others who are in it for the business.  It is ironic to some, the latter typically are the one’s who end up making the money because of the higher cause which drives them.

Formetco is one of those companies who has always put the #OOH Industry before themselves.  And yes, they have been financially successful. Formetco, in their 50th year anniversary milestone, is celebrating #OOH and its people. They have assembled an extensive collection of interviews of Outdoor Advertising’s leading luminaries which will be shared throughout the year 2019 as ‘Legends in Outdoor.’ Starting  December 25th the series of individual Legends interviews will be released, we will share via OOH Today. 

Here is the preview ‘video trailer’ of Formetco’s  Legends in Outdoor





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  1. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    Looking forward to watching these!!

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