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Juice Up Your Typical Billboard with VISEN— VISually ENhanced

Transform a typical static billboard into a dynamic presentation while staying compliant

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Circle Graphics’ Speaks to VISEN

Transform a Static Billboard into a Dynamic, Backlit Presentation while staying Compliant


Static billboards have been an OOH mainstay for decades. You know the media: Those “traditional” 14’ x 48’ bulletins lining high-traffic thoroughfares, be they city centers or well-travelled highways and freeways.

And while this type of outdoor media has always been highly effective, and often highly creative in its execution, billboard manufacturers and large-format printers have in recent years sought to “jazz up” and add more excitement to this product segment, especially in how traditionally front-lit billboard structures are illuminated.

Enter VISEN, Circle Graphic’s next-generation day-to-night backlit billboard system that allows an advertiser to display a dramatic image at night that is completely different (or significantly enhanced) from the image seen during the day — and all on a static display installation. Digital billboards are still not permitted in a lot of locations, so VISEN offers a unique opportunity to transform a typical static billboard into a dynamic, backlit presentation while staying compliant with municipal outdoor advertising codes and regulations.

Picture a daytime image that morphs dramatically into virtually a different image at night.

Rod Rackley

“We love the potential of our new backlit product — VISEN — to bring some excitement to staticboards,” says Circle Graphics’ OOH Division President, Rod Rackley. “This is not your typicalbacklit product. Picture a daytime image that morphs dramatically into virtually a different image at night. This technology is enabled by bright LED backlighting and Circle’s proprietary creative design and print capabilities. You really do have to see it to believe it!”

See the day/night images below to get a better idea of
why Rod is so excited about this new product offering.

Derived from the term VISually ENhanced, and originally developed by Metromedia Technologies, Inc. (MMT), a company Circle acquired in 2020 after decades of partnering together in the grand and large-format digital printing industry, VISEN represents a revolutionary new illumination system that has the ability to transform any existing front-lit billboard structure into a low-energy, LED-illuminated display. Combined with, as Rackley notes, Circle’s proprietary Day to Night display creative design and printing capabilities, the VISEN system offers an unrivaled ability to create visual enhancements to any billboard campaign.

“What was once a fairly expensive billboard advertising option is now a lot more affordable for advertising clients who want to take their static OOH media to the next level.

“After purchasing MMT and bringing their groundbreaking technology and production into the Circle Graphics portfolio, we went to work costing the process of VISEN down,” says Rackley. “What was once a fairly expensive billboard advertising option is now a lot more affordable for advertising clients who want to take their static OOH media to the next level. Needless to say, we’re all very thrilled to be offering something new and exciting for this outdoor advertising space.”

So, we know what it can do, but how exactly does it work?

In general terms, VISEN is a backlit display system that installs over any 14’ x ‘48’ bulletin (though Circle has produced custom designs as large as 20’ x 60’). Two-foot-wide strips of LED lighting, which can be cut to any length, are installed on the bulletin structure, and all VISEN units are rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use. The quick installation (usually a two-person job taking about four hours for the hardware, with another 30 or so minutes to install the backlit vinyl) and durability of VISEN makes it the perfect solution for short or long campaigns alike.

Add to this VISEN’s low-cost, low-to-no-maintenance performance capabilities, running off either 110V AC (at 20 amps) or 220V AC (10 amps), which helps create more options and flexibility for compatible lighting systems, with estimated operational costs in the $40 per month range for most VISEN units.

As for Circle Graphics’ proprietary creative design and production process, VISEN backlit vinyls are printed with graphics on both the front and back sides. Extra saturation (200%) is used in printing the back side (compared to 100% for the front), which when combined with the additional intensity of the VISEN LED backlighting effectively “pushes” the visuals unique to the back image through at night. It’s a delicate process that Circle has perfected over the years, and nailing the balance of saturation (too little for the back and the effects would appear washed out) and backlight intensity (too little and the images would not push through to the front) is critical to the success of every VISEN project.

VISEN units are also a great option for enhancing traditional backlit bulletins (where the day and night images are the same), adding an eye-popping “glow” to the graphics that would not be possible with standard fluorescent lighting.

Looking to take your OOH efforts to all-new heights of presentation value and turn your next billboard installation into an unforgettable, nighttime spectacle? Then Circle Graphics’ VISEN backlight system and patented design just might be what you’re looking for.

We’d love the opportunity to work together and show you what VISEN can do for you and your clients.

Click here to learn more about VISEN:  https://bit.ly/2R6Qfop
Or email us Visen@circlegraphicsonline.com, and let’s get started today!


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  1. Nick Coston says

    Interesting concept especially in areas where digitals are in allowed is this a one sided board or is it for both sides and what’s the cost of the unit? I don’t think the article mentions the cost factor.

  2. It does not mention the cost and that is certainly something of interest. We’ll work on providing. Thank you for your input Nick Coston

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