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Jet Airliner

OOH …Here’s One Thing —the “airport bar of the internet”

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OOH …Here’s One Thing



by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company



Jet Airliner


If you tell me you don’t break out the air guitar out on the first few chords of this song…well you either have no taste or you’re lying.    

Jet Airliner | Steve Miller Band

(Want a laugh, look at the first comment down on youtube.)  

Hey wait, the lyrics ain’t bad either:  

“Goodbye to all my friends at home
Goodbye to people I’ve trusted
I’ve got to go out and make my way
I might get rich, you know, I might get busted
But my heart keeps calling me backwards
As I get on the 707
Riding high, I got tears in my eyes
You know you got to go through hell before you get to heaven”  Steve Miller

Anyone else receive the evil vax yet?  Can you tell I am vaxed and ready for take off? 

When I got the invite from Barry to attend DPAAs Clubhouse on Tuesday afternoon it got me wondering, other than it’s mention in relation to politicos jawboning during the election, what the hell is this “clubhouse” thing.  And then, just like when Ari says “Boom” in Entourage, divine intervention, I stumble on a article about clubhouse on my pocket feed:


What a great summary of a brave new world (yes Aldous Huxley fans, that’s a direct reference).  I especially loved a few quotes from this great article:

“One frequent user described the app as the “airport bar of the internet,” which felt accurate in describing both my experience using Clubhouse and my questions of why anyone would ever enjoy that.”  (Profound and funny)

“The app’s grabbing headlines with appearances from the kinds of people VCs love — Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg — and its vibe of SXSW meets TED Talk meets staring at your phone.”

“The pandemic eventually gave way to a second, critical factor for the app’s success: screen fatigue. Most people would do anything to not stare at a screen more than they already do.  Anytime we might have had away, prior to the pandemic, is now severely limited, if it exists at all. For me, walks in my neighborhood are some of my only respite, but even then, I’m usually on the phone or listening to a podcast — anything to keep me from being, god forbid, alone with my thoughts.”  (note: Clubhouse is audio only…anyone remember 8 track tapes?)

“I first logged on this past January, despite hearing about Clubhouse for months. My first impression came from stories about rooms being anti-Semitic and adversarial to the media. As a Jewish journalist, those are two things that would immediately disqualify me from having a good time.”

“the moment I knew something truly weird was happening — …was when I finally dropped in on that mansion party and discovered that Howard Stern was, in reality, some rando named Matthew Friend.”   

“In some cases, you can hop on stage with Malcolm Gladwell and ask him a question about his work, and he has nowhere to go,” Paisley says. “He’s like, ‘Well I’ve never thought of that,’ and you’re like, ‘You’re Malcolm Gladwell, you’ve never thought of it? That’s what you do, you’re a thought leader.’”

“Prior to my mansion party, I stopped into the Saw-themed trivia room. Kiarash Behain impersonates the movies’ murderous clown three times a week and, to get into character, he turns the starry lights in his at-home recording studio red and ominous.” 

“Clubhouse isn’t without its problems, however, although these are the natural growing pains of any social network….Branded rooms could sanitize Clubhouse of the fun it once had and replace it with forced conversation and promotion — like a radio station that only plays commercials. Entire agencies are even popping up to help Clubhouse influencers connect with brands, and already, companies like IHOP are using the platform. “

“Social audio is clearly here to stay, even when the pandemic wanes, but will Clubhouse make it through?”  …Can it compete with brunch plans, weddings, and real-life parties?  (God I hope not!)

“In a separate incident, a group claims it came up with the original concept for a “whale moaning room” where people, of course, moaned like whales. But, it says, the idea was co-opted, again from users of color, and used by white influencers to gain power and reach on the platform.”

Alright, that’s all I can take!  Has the world gone mad or have I just been left behind?  WTF?  I work hard, I try without much success to carve out a little time for my family and try to hold the line on exercise.  Sleep, work, family, exercise…maybe all too little occasional call to an old friend.  But seriously, who has time to join a chat room dedicated to making whale sounds.  God help us.  Perhaps I have totally missed the mark on this clubhouse.  If I have, please scream at me.  And Barry, this is no knock on you.  You are the hippest, most forward thinking guy I know.  I am confident you put the clubhouse out there as a tool for the industry to connect.  Hats off on that!  

But whale sounds?  Scotty, beam me home. I’m ready. 

Okay Johnsen, What’s the point?  The point, at least in my dinosaur brain, is that if this is the new media, the outdoor business is here to stay for awhile.   Here’s to keeping it real folks.  Oh, wait a minute, the OAAA already said that.  



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