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It Should’a Been a Digital Billboard

Project Outdoor's Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2

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Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2

This should have been Digital OOH

This is good execution in a mall in Santa Monica. One always admires the ever vanishing skills of sign painting.  This should have been executed as Digital Out of Home. The multiple changes, not to mention the larger audience it would have reached, calls for a better suited format a Digital OOH billboard. Not to deter from the work, let’s share Project Outdoor Founder Walid Abu-Ghazaleh comments on the hand painted mural. 

“Sometimes we’re “just” posting signs on our billboards and sometimes we’re out there making out-of-home magic for our clients. We spent July “Super Mario Making” this dynamic hand painted mural in LA. It’s a beautiful delicate dance when you’re in a crowded shopping center in the heart of Santa Monica, working with the perfect agency, an awesome landlord, great videographers, and the best painters in the world. You’re operating lifts, you’re moving around oil paints, you’re directing a top-notch video team, and all the time coordinating with the agency and client making sure everything is in alignment. So proud of the Project Outdoor team delivering OOH at its best !”


The final version of a month-long hand painted mural in Santa Monica for Nintendo is in the video. Just like the game, parts of the creative were changed and painted out 4 times throughout the month. Project hired painters, videographers, and photographers to deliver a product that would be integrated into a final deliverable for Nintendo.


Enjoy the minute 28 second video sharing start to finish of the hand painted work.





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