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Impressions Are People, too.

What Value Does OOH Provide to Its Viewers?

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David Pal, CEO of Ads On Top, provides us with a new perspective on the value of impressions in Out of Home.  He challenges the Industry thinking, on the importance of providing greater value then we currently deliver.  David’s insights are typically led by technological terms and language. Today, while still soundly rooted in logic, his message just might be that additional element needed to selling more National Business.  Pal’s comments, while speaking to a greater discussion, can be related to those recently by Andy Sriubas, Outfront Media, on the importance of creative.  Andy’s comments below.


David Pal
CEO, Ads on Top
Phone: 732-861-3474
Connect on LinkedIn

Impressions Are People, too.

Out-of-Home has an amazing opportunity to entertain, wow, and inform people in new places and spaces.

The Internet brings us tremendous value: email, news, networking, navigation, entertainment, commerce. As connected individuals, we’re making a trade with all of these service providers (Gmail, NYTimes, Facebook, Waze, YouTube, Amazon); we give them our attention and information about our behaviors in exchange for free usage. Some of these services also cost money – but more often than not, you can pay to avoid the ads. Advertisers are effectively paying for our use of these services.

The Volkswagen digital poster with the baby Ram entertains. Click on the arrow above.

Out-of-Home is also asking for the same attention and data from the average person, but, what is the industry giving back?

Here are some of the main places we find OOH: outdoor, malls, doctors’ offices, airports, transit, offices, gas stations, restaurants and bars. Unlike in online services, the core of the business hosting OOH is still supported by the customer – OOH revenues were just “nice-to-haves” because the space is available. In OOH, advertisers aren’t paying for the plane ticket at the airport or buy someone’s popcorn when they see a movie in that theater – in fact, in both of those cases, the cost of airfare and movies continues to rise for consumers.

We NEVER recommend QR codes on any billboards.

OOH is not giving back in dollars and cents; what other value can be generated?  Entertainment Value.

We remember the Internet from the 90s, with ugly pop-ups, then pop-unders, appearing on every site we visited. As digital spaces become more omnipresent and the more OOH screens – can we all agree to skip the “pop-up” stage of advertising? Let’s hold up our end of the trade by providing significant value to those walking by. Think about GSTV, they provide sports highlights and weather, and CNN Airports, they provide news!


Let’s make people laugh, cry, think, stare, wonder, or learn. At  Ads on Top, we’re working with a branded content platform, ElevenApp.io, to bring YouTube video stars to DOOH. Yes, it’s more advertising, but it’s also entertaining. It’s a great trade: these influencers will entertain you and tell you about things you might like.

Just remember that “impressions” are people, too, and we should provide something in exchange for their attention.



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