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If Not Now, When?

This isn't your parents OOH —Google, Yahoo, Hivestack, VIOOH, Outfront, Havas, Delta Media, Media Brands, Omnicom, and Adsmovil

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L2R Claudia B Damas and Anna De Leo Araujo

Once A Week, But Never Weakly

by Nick Coston, U.S. Sales Director, The Neuron; Industry Agent and Humorist

If Not Now, When?

Inclusion. “The practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who otherwise might be excluded or marginalized.”

They came from Argentina, Chicago, the U.K, Jordan, NYC, Spain, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Maryland and Columbia. And I don’t mean Columbia,  Maryland, I mean the country. Nobody argued, nobody fought, everybody got their chance to share their experiences as well as the type of work they do. Men and women, equally split, without a doubt the most diverse crowd to attend back to back DOOH, pDOOH and OOH events since, since, never. I know because I’m that guy who’s been around since never.

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I’m talking about yesterday’s DPAA Latam Conversation and Happy Hour and today’s AdTech Miami. All held in the most diverse city in the south. Moderated mostly by women, it really was a Who’s Who of companies represented. Google, Altermark, Yahoo, Hivestack, VIOOH, Outfront, Havas, Delta Media, Media Brands, Omnicom, and Adsmovil, to name a few, all led by women. Smart, women, who speak quite a few languages. How’s that for being intimidated.

This isn’t your parents OOH. Neither of these events weren’t even around a year ago let alone five years ago when “programmatic” was something that most of us just misspelled. Nope, these are the first two events of their kind here in the Miami market. With numbers of digital screens tripling, overall spend amounts of programmatic dollars creating a booming source of incremental dollars, and the ability to create and run eye-catching creative, our industry, led by the pure microcosm of what these two simple events showed us, this longtime industry vet can say is that we’ve come a long way baby. Although it’s never too late, it’s definitely about time.

Make no mistake, this is what true pioneering is all about. Please remember that word, as pioneering is not a term we toss around lightly in our usually slow-motion industry.

L2R: Barry Frey, Sam Mallikarjunan

There’s no coincidence that the rise of the proper use of digital screens and the ease of programmatically booking more advertising each month, match the diversity that our industry especially the digital side, is embracing. I’ve been attending OOH Trade shows, seminars, and conventions since around 2005. Take a snapshot of any of those meet-ups, and then take a snapshot of just these last two events, and what do you see different in the crowd, what sticks out, who sticks out, what type of different faces do you see? Well?

I don’t have to even answer that, you all know it by now, you all see the photographs because I’m the one taking them. Will what we’re seeing in the last two days carryover to the next set of trade shows that are coming up in May? Will we see this kind of inclusion and diversity, or is it only one part of the new frontiers of our industry where all the new products are coming from and where all the new growth is going? How long will it take for the more established side to begin looking a little like what we all observed these last two days in Miami?

Yep, these are good and hard questions. But in the end, money talks. And just look where all the new money is coming from, and how quick it’s happening. Follow the parallels, follow the small groups that are growing rapidly, follow these new faces.

And I will guarantee that it will lead you to where all the new excitement is. Remember where this started. These are the true pioneers!

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