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How will you be remembered coming out of the Coronavirus Era? 

OOH Supporting Local Community

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How will you be remembered coming out of the Coronavirus Economy? 

The coronavirus is tearing down our economy.  These are tough times for you as well.  Your advertisers and community who were with you a few months ago, we don’t have to remind you, they need you today and most likely for the next few months. 

Give them help just as the two examples below with Adams Outdoor and Marquee Media are doing in their communities.  

If you have community support displaying on your OOH faces in fight of the Covid-19, please share photos and a brief description. We’ll include you in our next post on the subject.

Well done Adams and Marquee. 

Adams Outdoor Advertising understands that a lot of people are eating in these days. But, everyone needs a break from their own kitchen once in a while. Treat yourself to a meal from your favorite restaurant. They’re most likely offering takeout, curbside pickup or touch-less delivery! localrestaurant ooh

Marquee Media:

“We’re in this together” and even though people are staying safe at home, OOH across the country is helping spread the word, to “wash your hands”,” to stay home” “Thanking local Healthcare”…and now WHEN possible, Safely support local businesses. This can be through home deliveries, or takeout from local businesses. It does make a difference. Sacramentostrong, supportlocal.



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