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Google Maps Data Confirms Traffic Trends

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Google Maps Data Confirms the Traffic Trends Everybody Expected


Google as a third party measurement for OOH? Not my thought, but a subscriber who asked to maintain anonymity shared the thought and this article from ‘autoevolution

Google reports new numbers confirming the traffic trends everybody expected in the first eight months of the year. It’s focus is public transit. And no surprise here. Transit searches dropped 52 percent year over year, and the reason is as simple as it could be: most people are looking for alternative means of transportation that would allow them to stay at a safe distance from others.



Check out the link below to the article and note the spike in increases in specific modes of transportation. Perhaps this becomes more of a focus for Out of Home, especially if the Covid Crisis effect on traffic takes on evolutionary changes which become permanent.

Link is here⇒  Google Maps Data Confirms the Traffic Trends Everybody Expected


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