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FRAMEN Disrupts the UK DOOH Industry

FRAMEN created an exclusive DOOH network of 5500+ screens

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400+ Million Impressions Achieved Per Week from Contextual, Programmatic Ads

FRAMEN becomes the go-to ad campaign manager tool for advertisers – 3000+ ads across the globe – and bucks the market trends by showing robust growth in Q4 of their first year in the UK.

With Google in a state of code red alert, Twitter crumbling to it’s knees, the imminent demise of cookies, there are new forces at play like Chat GPT, metaverse, first-party data, dynamic adtech. With brands and marketers looking for a lifeline, FRAMEN has primed it’s position as the go-to platform for offline, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising that has the power to influence action online.

Berlin-based media tech start-up, FRAMEN, is proud to announce a successful first year in the UK. During this year, FRAMEN gained a competitive advantage by signing exclusive screen inventory partnerships with venues, such as coworking spaces like WeWork, hotels, gyms, and petrol stations. By connecting screens in semi-public venues, FRAMEN created an exclusive DOOH network of 5500+ screens that generate over 440 million impressions per week. This network aims to meet the growing demand for DOOH advertising in the UK market. The inventory is accessible programmatically through the FRAMEN Ads Manager, a tool similar to the TikTok Ads Manager. Agencies also have the choice to access the FRAMEN screen inventory through some of the most prominent DSPs.

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FRAMEN hired a lean team of eight salespeople who are highly experienced in the UK media industry and direct sales for their London-based office. The team established relationships with key partners and set up successful programmatic ad campaigns with brands like TheSassyPeople, Rapyd, Revolut, HardSoft, Bright HR, Pay UK and DHL, just to name a few. Clients can reach a new audience and retarget customers by repeatedly visiting venues like gyms and coworking spaces. In the UK alone, FRAMEN surpassed its projected forecast for this year, highlighting the growing demand for DOOH advertising.

At FRAMEN, we want to make it easy for brands and businesses to contextually reach their audience with the FRAMEN Ads Manager – our DOOH advertising platform. Brands can precisely target customers based on country, city, type of venue, or time, to suit what works best for their brand needs. We believe in taking the guesswork out of advertising so that brands can focus on creating powerful campaigns that impact their bottom line.” – Jeffrey King, UK Vice President at FRAMEN.

FRAMEN’s £1 Black Friday trial went viral across the DOOH industry which is why FRAMEN is continuing to ride the wave of success and entice brands with a £1 campaign offer into 2023. Brands can go live with a campaign, track real-time results and calculate ROI through performance metrics like impressions, plays, top-performing cities and reach.

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