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Dry Rub or Secret Sauce.

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How does JC Decaux do it?

bus shelter JCD ties vineyardvines

‘Everyday should feel this good’, is vineyard vines‘ message in the shelter above.

If you are fortunate to work for or with,  JC Decaux, their ability to execute the extraordinary creative transit display does make everyday feel good.

Most of the out of the ordinary bus shelters, like the one pictured above for vineyards vines, are done by JC Decaux  What is it about Decaux which allows them to perform these exceptionally unique OOH executions, while other Transit Shelter companies simply can not?  Ninety nine percent of the time, the ‘other companies’ plead the ‘dry rub‘ excuse, which is, the municipality will not allow any creative other than the poster. i.e. Nothing can be outside of the  6×4” box. The rub is, the implication that you can’t argue with city hall.  The municipality made their decision.  We’re done here.

Assuming that excuse is correct: What is it Decaux knows about the shelter transit business,  the other guys don’t know?  Is it really just good luck they’re located in cities which the transit authority literally allows out of the box executions? Or could it be, Decaux has some kind of  ‘secret sauce‘?  If I am wrong, other shelters companies, please send photo examples and I will publish with retraction Friday.

Dry rub or sauce?  I have always been a sauce guy.  How about you?

shlter ad coke grip

shelter blue tooth grafiti

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1 Comment
  1. Jean-Paul S Gedeon says

    NICE! JCD sets the bar high. Global leaders of OOH and Street Furniture.
    The Creative is the variable of success for ads in any media channel.