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Doe-Anderson—OOH Agency Today

Surface-level? Not their style.

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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

At Louisville-based ad agency Doe-Anderson, you’re not likely to find very many fans of the surface-level. This team is all about diving right into their work: wielding their three weapons of “time, tenacity, and trust,” and constantly working to deepen their relationships with their clients along the way. 

It doesn’t take a long perusal of Doe-Anderson’s sleekly minimalist website to see that ‘Belief’ is at the core of everything they do. They’ve forged some of their best ad campaigns out of their willingness to commit to their client’s ‘truth,’ intertwining their professional work with the experience and insights that come from making genuine personal connections. These values reflect starkly in the sheer range of advertising work under Doe-Anderson’s belt. When Kentucky relaxed rules on the sale of bourbon in the state, Doe-Anderson worked with the Maker’s Mark brand to fashion ‘The Whisky Drop’: a seasonal delivery of two hand-chosen bourbon bottles right to distillery members’ doors that has since spawned a waitlist of over 1,000 names as well as a Brand Net Promoter Score of 88.

Doe-Anderson’s sharp work for the Maker’s Mark campaign.

And when snack food company Utz Brands needed a way to rediscover their own voice and cut through other advertising noise, Doe-Anderson did nothing less than deliver. Utz was soon equipped with the ‘Little Utz Girl’, an animated mascot who embodied the themes of Utz Brands to entire stadiums of baseball fans throughout the 2019 MLB season—and ignited a whopping 54% increase in organic consumer conversation.

Doe-Anderson seems to understand that the most important thing they can do to promote their own business is to promote yours. And to do it, they put their all into finding your brand’s own voice and prioritizing your beliefs in every ad they craft. At Doe-Anderson, it’s all or nothing.

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