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CACTI Launch and the Billboards that Made it Possible

Just the Billboards Please

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CACTI’s Explosive Launch — the Billboards
(& Company) that Made it Possible

Swing Media’s Flawless Execution of CACTI’s OOH Campaign



by Will Farmer
Media and Communications Manager, OOH Today



Rapper Travis Scott added to his business resume with the eruptive launch of CACTI, an agave infused hard seltzer. With online inventory selling out in 12 hours and partner retailers selling out within 24 hours, the anticipation leading up to CACTI’s launch has been unrivaled.

Adding to this hype was Swing Media’s partnership with Cactus Jack and Anheuser Busch to roll out CACTI’s OOH campaign. Swing Media’s founder and CEO Jason Swing reflected on the campaign and what allowed his company to make it all happen.

Here’s what he had to say:

Jason Swing: Founder and CEO of Swing Media
“CACTI trusted Swing Media with its national campaign not only because of our existing relationship with the Cactus Jack team (Travis Scott management), but also because we’ve successfully executed a number of National campaigns in the past for beverage brands. National campaigns are fun but also demanding, so they require extensive knowledge of each market as well as its OOH inventory to make the right and most impactful placements for the brand.”


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“This is where Swing Media shines. Specializing in OOH for the last 23 years, our footprint has expanded into all top 50 DMA in the US, the top 4 in Canada and parts of Europe. With so much experience comes unique relationships and better understanding of each market which our clients get to benefit from.”

“The beauty of out of home is that every market has the right option to feature a brand, so the CACTI campaign was lots of fun but very well executed with a great coordinated effort between every party involved. It was a full 360 campaign execution via social media, TV, radio, online, experiential and of course Out Of Home, which we feel very blessed and privileged for having executed that portion of the campaign in all the different markets across the U.S. It was a big production to coordinate, so big kudos to the Cactus Jack team, the Anheuser Busch team and everyone in between for pulling this off flawlessly.


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