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Billboards Outside Boulder, Colorado:

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  Three Billboards Outside Boulder, CO

A ‘3 Billboards’ story which is very different message altogether.

The story is a parody of a blog by Acustream.
Acustream provides software and services for Healthcare clients to improve processes, revenue, and profit.  It is worth a brief read to see how they use a customized and current culture approach, ‘Three Boards Outside…”, to further its sales message.

The effect of the movie and OOH, in “Three Billboards” has no boundaries or limitations.

Acustream uses the popular movie theme to promote its Value as a Service solution.  Very clever.
As their CEO, Jeff Colvin says, “Every day, we find new ways to deliver value to our customers.”

How are you providing value to your customers every day?  Are you finding new ways?

This use by Acustream, albeit tongue in check, has positive effects for Out of Home when your sales teams approach the Health Care related field.  Forwarding the Acustream blog to any one of your healthcare providers would be a wise move.

Don’t stop there.

Use the ‘three billboards’ approach to every OOH Sales category or vertical in your sales forecasts.
While the subject may wear thin through its familiarity, constant use and discussion for us in OOH, it does not for your prospects.  Especially if you customize every proposal.

Read the Acustream blog here ⇒Three Billboards Outside Boulder, Colorado. by Author: Doug Sundlof




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  1. Tom T says

    Your comments are well taken, keep using the theme over and over to get your point across. One of my best bosses in the OOH business, ( John Settergren, Settergren OOH, Duluth Minn). John said ” when you are bored with the advertising, the customers are just starting to pay attention”. He also had a saying” Sales are like a three legged milk stool ” what’s good for the client, what’s good for the company and what’s good for the sales person, if one leg is broken the stool is useless”

  2. Bill Board says

    Tom T, we love the quotes. Timeless advice on the importance of persistence and the balance of the sales process. John Settergren, started Settergren Outdoor Advertising, Duluth, MN in 1965.
    thank you for your comments.

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