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Billboards in Space —Coming Soon via Russian Startup 

Giant Space Billboards are Here

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Billboards in Space —Coming Soon via Russian Startup

Orbital Display, a Russian startup is attempting to bring OOH to low-Earth orbit using a grid of tissue box-sized satellites called CubeSats. Orbiting approximately 280 miles above ground, these tiny satellites will unfurl Mylar sails approximately 30 feet in diameter to catch and reflect sunlight, creating a pixellated matrix. The company, StartRocket, has proposed using this tech to display a knockoff of the Coca-Cola logo and other brand emblems, as well as allow governments to flash urgent notifications during emergencies.

If they’re successful, we could start seeing advertisements in the sky as soon as 2021.

Personally we can not imagine this happening in any manner. Cost to build and launch should far out weigh revenue potential.  We think.  The blow back from the public against the advertiser would be very damaging.  We know.  Then again, the right advertiser desperate for the recognition could just ‘launch.’

See the video below.

Read the story from Astronomy here⇒ billboards in space

Good idea? OOH gone too far?  What are your thoughts?





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