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Aussie Goes Troppo —Spray Paints Digital OOH Faces

Vandalizes JCDecaux's Melbourne Rail Network

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The vandal has captured the attention of nearly everyone in the station. See yellow arrows. Watch the video

Aussie Coolly Spray Paints Digital OOH Screens

Using a fire extinguisher filled with paint, Kyle Magee, was caught spraying three OOH digital screens owned by JCDecaux in the Melbourne Central Station. See the 70 second video of his trashing the subway faces and his subsequent arrest in the video below.

On his personal website, see it here⇒ Democratic Media Please, Magee admits to the acts, describing the billboards as “some of the most obnoxious advertising in Melbourne.”  He says he has been arrested 7 times for similar actions and is released by the court system because of the lack of seriousness of the crime versus the dollars to prosecute. He does not try to flee authorities. He willingly gives himself.

On Magee’s website, he writes, “my actions are a practical intervention against the tangible form of outdoor advertising, but they’re also a symbolic protest against all the unsolicited for-profit advertising we are exposed to through all mediums (print, radio, television, digital).”

As OOH professionals, we flat-out do not like or condone the behavior. Certainly he believes in the power of OOH. We’ll give him that.

If its attention he seeks, there are some really poor commercials on television, couldn’t he just film himself peeing on his TV during a commercial break and put that on social media?

Be happy he is in Australia.




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