Zapata on How OOH Hypercharges FreshDirect

at DPAA Global Summit on October 11 in New York
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FreshDirect’s Shoppable OOH Delivers for Its Omnichannel Marketing Strategy 
at DPAA Global Summit on October 11 in New York

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Katie Zapata, Vice President of Brand Marketing at FreshDirect, shares insights from a partnership with OUTFRONT Media and Quan to leverage shoppable OOH to engage with commuters across New York. Their recent OOH campaign integrated e-commerce within branded recipe videos and dynamic ads that changed creative based on the weather forecast. FreshDirect successfully combined contextually relevant messaging, branded content, and shoppable OOH to earn the attention of riders and increase consumer engagement. Delivering more than groceries to consumers, you’ll hear how OOH hypercharges FreshDirect’s omnichannel marketing strategy.

A timely case study with key learnings for all parties – brands, media owners, agencies, etc. To see Katie live at the October 11 DPAA Global Summit just click here to get your passes.

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