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Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is this Sunday the 12th of February.
Ranked by historians as the most admired American president.

If you grew up in Illinois as I did, Lincoln was a prominent state figure and admired hero since he spent much of his early political life there before the White House

His birthday was a state holiday way before the national holiday honoring George Washington was combined in 1971 with Lincoln’s honoring our country’s two most popular statesmen in America, now called Presidents Day.

Honoring Lincoln started early for state residents. In first grade, students would craft stovepipe hats and beards made of black construction paper to parade single files through the classrooms on his birthday.

If you were lucky your family or school field trip would travel to Springfield, the state capital to tour Lincoln’s home, museum, and final resting place.

The state motto is “Land of Lincoln ” which is emblazoned on all its license plates, Citizens of the state are proud of their connection with this near-mythic figure.

Honesty, integrity, and humility are three of the adjectives most commonly associated with our 16th president.

I believe these adjectives could also be associated with our current OOH industry.

We deliver and document what we promise to our customers, exhibit strong moral principles in our community, offer pro bono messaging campaigns and are somewhat modest about our industry’s importance as an influencer to the public.

One thing we don’t have to be too subtle about is the astounding images and creativity that our teams and partners provide us and the structure and assets we have created and managed.

Those images and subtle bragging rights are in the form of colorful photos we publish and provide to our clients ( who in turn promote our medium when posting on social media)

It’s a fact Abraham Lincoln used outdoor advertising (wild posting) for his presidential elections. I think he would admire how the OOH industry has grown since his first election in 1860.

I’d like to think today old honest Abe would think twice about spending his money on a Superbowl ad, instead, he’d use that cash on an unbelievable multi-market outdoor campaign.

A wise man indeed.






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