What, Why, & When can you Measure?!

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What, Why, & When can you Measure?!


Measuring success has not always been easy or straightforward when it comes to advertising, especially Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. In the past, it’s been difficult to properly understand how, when, where, and if an OOH campaign has reached the right people. Advertisers used to judge the success of their campaigns by estimating the number of potential eyes that could have seen it, or the share time that an ad was on screen or on an OOH billboard.

Fortunately, a lot of technological advancements have been made in the past 5 years or so that have helped advertisers measure their campaigns effectiveness more accurately. Things like GPS tracking devices, surveys, beacon technology powered by Wi-Fi connections, QR codes, social media engagement, and sales impact, are just a few ways of tracking an OOH campaign’s effectiveness these days.

There are a few companies offering this new tech to the OOH industry – allowing for the most detail-oriented and precise audience measurement possible. The following are some industry leaders that use measurements to ensure that OOH advertising campaigns are not only effective, but can also be optimized for future campaigns.

In a broad sense, Geopath provides audience location measurements by taking aggregated anonymous OOH audience measurements and focusing on a target audience’s behavior instead of census data. They measure how consumers engage with OOH ads as they move throughout their daily lives. They gather all data resources to get a stream of concise information about the audience they are targeting. This ultimately provides clients with more information, precision, and choices about their marketing strategies.

The performance-driven ad tech platform, Wrapify, is doing something unique with how they share their data with companies and brands that partner with them. With the help of their patented OOH impressions tracking technology, they can measure the impact of OOH ads as vehicles roam in the campaign zone or people walk through it. Advertisers can then log into their campaign dashboard to access the metrics in real-time. Namely, advertisers are able to track their campaigns attribution, retargeting, impressions, mileage, heat maps, and daily routes – all at the click of a button.

Movia, a truck-side advertising company that measures OOH impressions, uses their beacon technology to track who, what, where, and when their ads are being seen through their truck-side campaigns. Similar to Wrapify, they let the advertiser optimize their campaign with real-time impression analytics, mobile device retargeting, and ROI tracking abilities, making their campaign as worthwhile and as profitable as possible.

One of the UK’s most established audience research companies, Route, informs advertisers of how many, how often, and what type of people see an OOH ad campaign. They provide tracking movement details on everything for any location by using a device called Multi-Sensor-Tracking (MST) that generates accurate data about individuals’ travel habits and patterns throughout the UK.

Similarly COMMB, the Canadian Out Of Home Measurement Bureau, has an interesting interactive mapping tool that enables planners to display and gauge the effectiveness of both digital and static available OOH products and networks in the top 15 different markets.

In the advertising world today, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. And that’s easier now more than ever as the advancements in technology have allowed advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns in such an impactful way. These metrics are the kind of data that are absolutely crucial for OOH advertisers to help identify the patterns and movements of their target audience. When used in combination with each other, they can help companies fine-tune their OOH campaigns to be as targeted and as lucrative as possible.

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