Vistar Rolls Out Strategic OOH Campaign for Aspex Eyewear

The DOOH Wave Shows No Signs of Stopping

Aspex Eyewear Teams With Vistar Media for Colossal DOOH Gambit

Sarah Druhan

by Sarah Druhan, OOH TODAY Journalist

Aspex Eyewear is one of the most prominent figures in quality eyewear production. It’s big, it’s well-known, and it’s global–and, perhaps most importantly, it’s just made its first splash into the world of programmatic DOOH.

Aspex is dipping its toe into the DOOH pond with the help of Vistar Media, currently one of the largest programmatic DOOH platforms on the market. The campaign, which kicked off February 13, will market their latest TurboFlex technology, an avant-garde line of bendable eyeglasses that resist breakage even when rotated 360 degrees.

The campaign seems a calculated mash of static and video content that will take advantage of practically every form of DOOH imaginable. From urban panels to billboards, from malls to office buildings, movie theaters to Taxi TVs–you name it, TurboFlex will be there. This colossal publicity move will spend the next 13 weeks sweeping much of the North American continent, taking hold in 7 Canadian cities including Vancouver and Toronto and 22 American cities including New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, to name just a few.

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And with the power of both Vistar and Aspex behind it, describing this campaign as ‘colossal’ seems to be no overstatement. Sources report that over 50 media companies are currently working to put Turboflex on the face of 3,700 DOOH screens, likely resulting in over 23.8 million impressions across the continent.

“Rolling out a strategic campaign across North America is always fun for our team, even more so when we are working with a brand, like TurboFlex, that shares our passion for fusing rich creative and innovative technology,” said Scott Mitchell, Managing Director for Vistar Media Canada, in a recent press release on Wednesday.

This statement, while brief, may hint at Aspex’s motives for shaking up their usual agenda. The press release goes on to confirm that while TurboFlex will also be advertised over TV and social media, Aspex is curious to see how “further [diversifying]” its media can help in bolstering its own brand.

This move is only the most recent in an increasing pattern of more and more brands using DOOH to drive business, but it notably stands out nonetheless. Established companies like Aspex, which rub elbows with brands as prestigious as the Grammy Awards, don’t often break their habits. Will this change prove to be an innocent shift in the marketing world–or perhaps an indicator of a thrillingly turning tide for the world of programmatic and DOOH at large? For now, only time will tell.

“We are proud to partner with Vistar Media to execute our DOOH campaign right off the heels of our partnership with the 65th Grammy Awards and the Grammy Gift Lounge,” said Félix Sidès, Aspex Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to the press.

“The proximity targeting and robust measurement capabilities of DOOH will allow us to effectively connect with our audience across North America, evaluate the impact of campaign performance, and take our broader marketing strategy to the next level.”

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