UniLED Joins Geopath to Strengthen US Market


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UniLED Becomes Member of Geopath to Offer Third-Party Audience Verification Services
for US Digital Out-of-Home Campaigns

LONDON,UniLED Software, a leading provider of independent verification technology for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry, has announced it has become a member of Geopath, the not-for-profit organization that provides the industry-standard audience metrics for out-of-home (OOH) advertising. As a result, UniLED will see Geopath’s state-of-the-art, hourly, audience measurement data, integrated into its award-winning third-party DOOH verification platform UniLIVE.

The UniLIVE platform empowers clients to seamlessly track, measure and independently verify their digital out of home advertising campaigns through an intuitive dashboard, based on a granular understanding of each screen’s delivery. Additionally, the platform streamlines the content delivery workflow for advertisers, creative agencies, and media vendors.

By working with Geopath, UniLED enhances its service for US brands and agencies by introducing a further layer of reporting for their DOOH campaigns. This advancement enables the UniLIVE platform to not only offer play data verification, but also provide audience delivery, by ingesting Geopath’s audience measurement data, to report on plays and impressions delivered. As a result, clients gain enhanced transparency into their campaign’s performance, through audience delivery analytics, spanning from the screen/hour level or aggregated to any partner or geographical level required.

UniLED sees this partnership as a significant step towards progressing its offering in the US market. Ben Zloof, CEO of UniLED, commented, “We are excited to be partnering with Geopath to provide this extra layer of reporting for our clients DOOH campaigns. Clients are demanding more detailed campaign performance data and by being able to provide audience verification against Geopath data, as well as play verification, UniLIVE increases clients’ confidence that their campaigns are being delivered as planned.”

Dylan Mabin, President of Geopath, stated, “We are pleased to have UniLED as a Geopath member and deliver the granular, accurate audience insights that enables them to offer clients a new dimension of reporting for their DOOH campaigns. This effort underscores Geopath’s commitment to providing advertisers and agencies with the foundational OOH metrics needed to transact confidently.”

This partnership signifies a pivotal milestone for UniLED as the company continues to strengthen its position in the US market.

About UniLED
Founded in 2017 UniLED Software is a leading technology provider for the digital out-of-home industry and was named the Drum’s 2022 OOH Tech Vendor of the Year. Our   mission is to build trust and raise the bar for digital out-of-home advertising across the world, by making it the most accountable, transparent, and brand safe medium for advertisers, where digital screens are always on and always viewable. Many of the world’s leading advertisers, agencies and media owners across Europe and the US use our technology to deliver and monitor the performance of their DOOH campaign’s. To learn more, visit : www.uniledsoftware.com

About Geopath
Founded in 1934, Geopath is the industry standard that powers a smarter OOH marketplace through state-of-the-art audience location measurement, deep insights, and innovative market research. The organization is headquartered in New York and governed by a tripartite board composed of advertisers, agencies and media companies spanning the entire United States. To learn more, visit: www.geopath.org

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