Twitter Screen Shot as OOH Creative

Taking Tweets to DOOH

Mississippi Senator, Roger Wicker, who is up for reelection, took President Trump’s support via Twitter using the President’s tweets as his creative message on his 14′ x 48′ billboards located on Interstate 20 outside of Pearl, Mississippi.  As that considered Retweeting?  No. As effective as retweeting?  Perhaps more.  Your thoughts?

Displaying Twitter messages is not big news, however it is an inventive means to extend an endorsement maximizing the message’s reach and frequency, effectively, affordably and targeted.  The billboard providing indisputable proof of the President’s endorsement.

A creative idea to think about in your next OOH Campaign, whether political or not.

More about Wicker and the story @RogerWicker.  More here from the Washington Examiner

As a side comment, I always love driving up on Cotton fields when in the South.  Not a crop in the North, where I grew up. Typically, I will leave the car and have my photo taken while standing in the middle of the cotton field.  Yep, ‘standing in high cotton.’

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