TierOne Media —OOH Owner Today

TierOne Media —OOH Owner Today

by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Journalist

TierOne Media provides static and digital billboard opportunities through the Mobile, Montgomery, Pensacola, and Emerald Coast Markets. The company places a large emphasis on the advertiser and provides precise proposals, affordable rates, creative thinking, prompt follow-through, and excellent customer service for its clients. TierOne is a member of the OAAA, Geopath, and IBOUSA. As they state on their website “Before considering second-tier media services, check with TierOne.”

TierOne has more than 125 indoor screen locations that reach locals where they live and work. The screens are placed in high-traffic locations and are set at the right angle for maximum attention. The high-quality screens have messages that last for eight seconds each and repeat every six minutes or ten times per hour. Advertisers can buy one screenspace for 12 weeks for $600, buy two for twelve weeks for $1,000, buy three for twelve weeks at $1,250 or buy four for twelve weeks for $1,400. Additionally, advertisers can earn an extra eight weeks for free for a one-year commitment. Jesse London, the President of TierOne, answered some questions in an exclusive OOH Today interview.

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Q: Why should advertisers choose your business?

A: “The advertisers we talk to in Mobile, Montgomery, and Pensacola region want efficient coverage, and that’s what we deliver. Broadcast imps are decreasing, digital is getting muddier, but vehicular traffic is on the rise because our southern markets continue to add population. TierOne is one of the few digital OOH players in our markets and we work hard to be easy to work with. Locally, we offer free ad development, inexpensive indoor networks, and billboard rotaries. For national advertisers, we provide Geopath/traffic data, Apperatix proposals, timely pops, and complete programmatic access.”

Q: Why are you in the OOH business?

A: “I started my career in radio and cable-tv and moved into place-based for companies like NewsCorp, ABC and CBS when broadcasters were investing in the space and content came from TV. At CBS Outernet, working for Wally Kelly, we marketed packages that integrated with CBS Outdoor billboards. Once exposed to the OOH industry and the professional sales talent I was hooked. The medium makes so much sense, is simple to create for, is effective, and improves with age. Whether you measure industry growth in audience, revenue, or multiples, the metrics here all trend up.”

Q: What is your key to success in the OOH business?

A: “We focus on ad sales, we add new inventory, and then focus on the ad sales for that new inventory. Our customer base likes good signs, competitive pricing, fast proposals, and a thoughtful AE’s. The TierOne sales team is very sharp, our sellers pay attention to our clients, and push for old fashioned face to face. I should add that it is important to have good partners, and trusting investors – we are fortunate to have both.”

Q: What is the greatest success or satisfaction you receive from owning OOH?

A: “So far, each of these two years of ownership have been more enjoyable and productive than any of the thirty or so in corporate; we spend more time in front of clients or landlords and less time selling each other. This is a winning formula. In those two years we have doubled our inventory from 30 to 60+ faces (80% back to back digital), and enjoyed eight straight quarters of 30% revenue increases. We are building real value here, and it’s very rewarding to see hard work translate directly to the bottom line.”

Q: What are some future goals for your business?

A: “More of the same. We are growing, and the equity is happy with the results. We will continue to throw a wide net in our backyard with inexpensive indoor networks at retail, more back to back 16mm digitals with great reads, and a new focus on adding market leading tent-pole signs. Our goal is to be the first phone call and not second after Lamar.”

Q: Share a fun fact about your company!

A: “All of our cross reads have odd numbers, and all the right reads are even.”


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