The Bottom Line.

A quick chat with sales guru Tom Pilotti


The Bottom Line.

A quick chat with sales guru Tom Pilotti

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William Board : You and I go back at least 20 years, how long have you been at it?

TP: It’s been a wild ride ! Going on 25 years. From the 3M National classroom of Rex Parnell , to selling out digital locations in a week!

WB: What is your secret?

TP: It’s painfully simple, and most people who think they understand media sales continue to miss it by a mile. No one cares about empty space. They care about understanding how creative matches up with media format and a value proposition on how advertising can impact sales. Until you become an advertising expert, no one will pay attention to you. I teach my clients how to quickly become and advertising expert. When you offer great ideas in your marketplace, people will line up to buy them.

WB :What are you up to lately?

TP: My inbox is like a slot machine! Day to day I never know what killer projects are going to present themselves ! The OOH sales and field training continues to be a passion of mine, as I have helped so many people “ get it “ over the years. I think Lamar VP sums it up really well..

We are moving into acquiring OOH assets that are in need of attention all over the US, I manage digital space and continue in my role as a remote sales manager for OOH and transit plants. I have a boutique digital agency that specializes generation for various clients as well.

WB: What can we expect from you in the future?

TP: I am quietly working on a digital ad format that combines learning with entertainment which I believe will revolutionize the way we assimilate new information, as well as large-scale sales and motivational events.

WB : I know this is personal and hits close to home, but I know you have told me you are in recovery.

TP: Dang straight , going on 3 years, clean and sober. If not for God’s grace and mercy I would surely have been a goner. Addiction does not discriminate. I have a ministry project that helps folks who are homeless and in recovery as well as serve as Chairman of the Board of FatherCare Prayer Ministries! You can read my story here:

We all love OOH Today and recognize the incredible amount of work you put into this, and I am sure I speak for all of us, WE APPRECIATE YOU my friend!





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