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Written by: Davide Bianca, Chief Creative Officer, BCN Visuals

They say “you can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can reimagine it”. So we did. On August 9th, BCN Visuals unveiled Cadillac’s most iconic vehicle yet, with the LARGEST Times Square Takeover in automotive history. A true spectacle that employed the use of 130K Sq Ft of digital canvas across 33 fully-synchronized digital displays. A whopping 320 minutes of original full CG content was produced in under 8-weeks for a 1-hour event like no other.

ELECTRIFYING. ICONIC. And one-hundred-percent CADILLAC. 

Aside from the obvious pride and excitement for the outstanding work and execution our team was able to craft, the true accomplishment was in doing a never-done-before execution at this scale and quality. Furthermore this project is ultimate proof of how the BCN Visuals team has mastered the “Art of Domination” and elevated the notion of spatial narrative to new heights, completely reshaping and redefining how we tell stories and engage with consumers, blurring the boundaries between the physical and narrative worlds. 

At BCN Visuals we approach the ideation and creation of content, installations and immersive experiences with a central mindset and methodology. Every moment, build, key-frame or interaction needs to be ‘Shareable by Design’. What this translates to is the possibility for the audience to have agency, discover moments of emotional connection, and be enticed to take photos or videos – forming long lasting memories. And we do this by relying strongly on a “canvas first” approach. 

As a direct result, the physical environment becomes an integral part of the storytelling process, influencing how the story unfolds and how the audience engages with it. By leveraging the spatial dimension, spatial narratives have the potential to evoke emotions, create unique experiences, and deepen the audience’s engagement with the narrative. They offer a multi-sensory and immersive approach to storytelling, blurring the boundaries between the physical and narrative worlds. 

This approach also reinforces the notion that designing Immersive Content for large scale takeovers involves different considerations and approaches due to the medium-specific constraints and characteristics. 

Visual perspective, time & continuity, as well as audience interaction, are all tackled in a nonconventional way, in order to offer a communal and interactive experience, one in which the design considers the audience’s proximity to the “stage” and the potential for direct engagement or participation. 

As the demand for immersive experiences such as the Cadillac Escalade launch rises, we are beyond thrilled to be able to push the boundaries of what is possible in the DOOH arena, and proactively contribute to move in a direction that eventizes and recontextualizes DOOH activations as large scale events to attend, and public spaces as large venues, moving away from a general approach that sees them as a mere extension of media or passive content on screens.

About BCN Visuals
BCN Visuals is an award-winning innovation technology company and global production partner that pioneered the 3D Anamorphic Billboard. Collaborating with brands and agencies wanting to leave an indelible mark, they live & thrive at the intersection of narrative and technology. Blurring the line between storytelling and interaction, BCN Visuals emerges with a new form of immersive entertainment that delivers meaningful shared experiences transcending cultural constraints or geographical boundaries. For more information, check out our website: or reach out at

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