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Is it worth prospecting the last two weeks of the year?

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Moving Forward
Burberry’s global media review is complete. Omnicom (OMD) has won the luxury fashion house from incumbent Dentsu and will take over in 2023. Full Thread Here>>>

Is There Anybody Out There?
@Cash Cottage wants to know: Is it worth prospecting the last two weeks of the year? Or does it do more harm than good to your chances of securing 2023 business, bothering folks this time of year? Cast your vote and join the discussion. Full Thread Here>>>

Let’s Meet Up? or Virtual Still Sways the Day?
New York based sellers: @Cake Friday is curious to hear how are your in-person meetings going/how often are you seeing clients in-person? Are managers expecting you to see clients a lot? Join the conversation. Full Thread Here>>>

The Race is On
The countdown continues for many sellers to meet annual goals as the end of year approaches. For this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’ Q, a quick check-in to see how those of you in the SC community are doing. Are you on target to meet your overall sales goal for 2022? Cast your vote. Full Thread Here>>>.

Do You Know?
Does anyone know who handles media for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power? Full Thread Here>>>
Does Jellyfish buy from anyone here who’s in OOH? Full Thread Here>>>

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