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Changes Ahead

Word is Rapport is moving all buying to the DOMedia platform. Sellers discuss in this thread how they feel about that news. Full Thread Here>>>

Agency Layoffs?

There’s allegedly been a handful of layoffs over at Kinetic affecting some folks on the NY team, and the Chicago programmatic team. Check out this thread to find out who the crowd has heard is no longer there. Full Thread Here>>>

It’s GO Time

MMGY was recently named AOR for Visit Detroit. The agency’s scope includes branding, media and strategic services focusing on driving hotel bookings and retail traffic throughout the metro Detroit region. Full Thread Here>>>

Heading Client-Direct

The same ol’ same ol’ routine of agencies using trusted partners instead of opening up new opportunities to sellers can be quite frustrating. The strategy to go client-direct first isn’t anything new, it is something sellers have been doing more and more as agency teams respond less and less. For this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’ Q: Will your sales strategy for the upcoming year include going the client-direct route more frequently first to establish a relationship vs reaching out to their agency? 🗳️Cast your vote and join the discussion. Full Thread Here>>>

Do You Know?

Anyone have a contact for Touro University for OOH? Full Thread Here>>>

Anyone know if M&T Bank is direct or if they use an agency? Full Thread Here>>>

Friends, who’s got the 411 on Germaine Insurance or Credit Human – AOR, Media, Marketing Contacts … TIA. Full Thread Here>>>

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