oOh! expands programmatic; Delivers full motion video advertising

Launches major study on the movement of Aussies

oOh!media is launching a number of initiatives to make buying across its digital Out of Home network easier with an expansion of programmatic trading.

At its inaugural Outfront, Australia’s largest Out of Home media company also announced a new product innovation to maximize full motion video advertising and a major study to understand changes in how Australians move.

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Programmatic trading expanded

Following the launch of programmatic trading across billboards and street furniture screens in November last year, oOh! is expanding its programmatic offering with additional inventory across its Office and Retail networks.

With the unrivalled scale of oOh!’s Office network, programmatic trading is now available across 460 office towers around Australia, enabling greater flexibility and agility for advertisers to reach the highly sought after business professional audience.

oOh! is also bolstering its Retail offering, opening access to high value portrait retail panels across select shopping centers nationwide.

With a network of more than 500 large, medium and small shopping centers, oOh! allows advertisers to target quality audiences in highly contextualized environments.

Cathy O’Connor, CEO, oOh! said: “Our strategy with programmatic digital Out of Home has been considered and deliberate, to complement, not contradict, what makes our channel unique. Extending programmatic trading in Office and Retail will deliver advertisers diverse, quality localized environments and hyper targeted audiences at scale.”

Maximizing social video advertising with oOh! motion

Following the exponential growth of social video, oOh! is bringing down the barriers to make it simpler for brands to extend social video advertising assets on oOh!’s national digital network.

oOh! motion is a new product innovation delivering full motion video across more than 9,000 screens throughout oOh!’s portrait digital video network.

Reaching 14.5 million or more than 70 percent of Australians each week in premium, indoor and high dwell environments, oOh! motion enables brands to effectively leverage video advertising created for social video, to engage with Out of Home audiences at scale and with impact.

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oOh! motion can also overlay consumer transactional data in Retail, Study, Rail, Office, and Fly to create tailored campaigns that ensures brands are reaching the right audiences without wastage and creating unmissable opportunities for brands.

Aussies on the move

With Out of Home audiences now returned and growing, how people interact and move through the world around them is evolving. oOh! is investing to understand the latest audience movement trends with a major study into ‘How Aussies Move’.

Launching in early 2023, ‘How Aussies Move’ will reveal the future of work, travel, health and more, providing advertisers with the most current insights on how to best connect with audiences as they transition across Out of Home environments.  

The study with our research partners, Pollinate, will also enable oOh! to take a future focused view on city infrastructure, transport and consumer behavior, ensuring Out of Home investments are maximized to meet changing travel patterns.  

O’Connor said: “Gaining a deeper understanding of audiences and the role Out of Home plays in driving consumer action will remain a key focus for oOh! in 2023. How Aussies Move will highlight how people are moving, utilizing and experiencing Out of Home public spaces, where they live, work and play. These insights ensure oOh! will remain ahead of the curve and provide increased visibility to inform campaign planning and brand success.”

About oOh!media
oOh!media is a leading Out of Home media company that is enhancing public spaces through the creation of engaging environments that help advertisers, landlords, leaseholders, community organizations, local councils and governments reach large and diverse public audiences.
The company’s extensive network of more than 37,000 digital and static asset locations includes roadsides, retail centers, airports, train stations, bus stops, office towers, cafes, bars and universitiesListed on the ASX, oOh! employs around 800 people across Australia and New Zealand, and had revenues of $504 million in 2021. More at oohmedia.com.au

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