Messaging we can all get behind! 🐝 💛 Bumble

20 Bumble Must See Executions
Brooklyn Outdoor

Photos from MilkMoney’impressive OOH campaign for Bumble,
that truly spread the love amongst numerous vendors nationwide! 

Messaging we can all get behind! 🐝 💛 Bumble
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New Tradition, Pearl Media, Intersection Co., Brooklyn Outdoor,  SEEN, 3.0 Outdoor LLC, Becker Boards
Pacific Outdoor Advertising, Orange Barrel Media, Project Outdoor, City Outdoor USA, Big Outdoor, Overall Murals,  Pivot Media Ventures, OUTFRONT Media, Capitol Outdoor, Rolling Adz, 365 Outdoor,  Skyline Outdoor Media  and more!


A message from DPAA Summit 2020



SEEN Outdoor
3.0 Outdoor
SEEN Outdoor
Becker Boards
Pacific Outdoor


a message from Movia Media


New Tradition
Skyline Outdoor
Project Outdoor
Reagan Outdoor
City Outdoor
Big Outdoor


Pacific Outdoor
365 Outdoor
Orange Barrel
Overall Murals
Pivot Media


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  • Jackson

    Great creative Bumble!!

  • No Fear No Favor

    Agreed Jackson. Appropriate for the times and the brand. Creative winner! Thank you for the comment