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OOH Owner Today —Image Media Outdoor 

by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Reporter

Image Media is a full-service OOH advertising firm that has been in the OOH advertising industry for over 35 years and owns and maintains over 50 faces in the Chicagoland market. They offer options for billboards, bulletins, and digital and wall outdoor advertising. Image’s major coverage extends to numerous highly sought-after highway locations in Chicago, the city’s nightlife, and other entertainment districts. 

Its signage is positioned to maximize sight lines and target the stretches of expressways with the highest motor traffic. Image’s displays are modern structures that are fully permitted and illuminated. Image has developed an innovative use for groups of bulletins that uses consecutive signs on the same side of an expressway to promote multiple messages. Additionally, they utilize two bulletins on opposites of an expressway to create a cross-roadway message.

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Image places a high priority on client service and strives to provide some of the best pre-sale, production and design assistance, quality operations, and photography in the industry. Due to the company’s long presence in Chicago, its employees have some of the best advertising knowledge in the market and have worked with brands of all sizes. This includes local businesses to large, multinational companies such as McDonald’s, Porsche, Coors Light, Rolex, The Home Depot, and many more. Image states that it is a proud member of the OOOA and TAB.



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