How a Supermarket’s First Time Use of DOOH and Diageo is Leading the Charge for OOH

Digital Out of Home Leading the Charge

Dynamic creative is growing and will become the normative for Out of Home use and placement rather than the exception. What once was frowned upon by the Industry as a scheduling nightmare, has crept into the mainstream throughout the world’s #OOH companies. If you are not ready for this, the time is now. I will never forget this comment, “Last time I checked, it is still our name (insert #Big3) on the imprint”, as one of the Big 3’s National Sales Managers once told me in early 2000’s.(pre 2008). That was sometime ago and I trust the sentiment has softened.

Advertisers are no longer accepting the excuse, ‘this is how we sell our digital units and this is how you’ll have to buy it.’

This reminds me of an anecdote I will share briefly, of an OOH company, top 10 market, I once worked for.  While pitching for the business of a large, not to be named, supermarket chain, headquartered in Florida, the agency asked for a two-week run every period for an 8 month duration. (That is 16 non consecutive weeks for the math challenged).  The supermarket had never used digital bulletins previously. This was their first use of digital OOH. They were featuring seasonal fresh produce with superb photos with each two-week campaign.  The agreement was for 12 units, one segment, each location. Receiving approval (as a national sales person might) from the local market’s GM who was to receive the business, we struck a deal. There was no bonus time or space.  The client knew they were being switched off after 14 days. The rates were well above rate card for the two weeks duration. Good dough.

I said I would keep this short.  The local market GM who benefited from the buy, thereafter, hammered me at every Monday sales meeting with all staff present, for those next eight months, ridiculing my sale as “Brent’s two-week supermarket sale.”  Instead of an ‘atta boy’, he would throw his hands up with a “my God how are we going to sell those two-week open holes Brent created with that supermarket buy?”
He droned on, urging the local sales team to try their best to fill the gap created by this perceived folly.
That was not so long ago.  I still chuckle and shake my head over that one.

Selecting specific inventory, reach target audiences, accommodating short-term runs, day parting, speed to market, changeable copy, dynamic content—this is what Digital OOH was created for!

To tie in data and DOOH see Lamar’s, Ian Dallimore’s post from last week⇒Is Our Obsession Over Data the Right Data?

Selecting specific inventory, reach target audiences, accommodating short term runs, day parting, speed to market, changeable copy, dynamic content—
this is what Digital OOH was created for!

The latest proof (pun intended) is Diageo and JCDecaux’s LDN Network teaming up to display 5 Diageo brands sharing ‘airtime’ throughout its network with different creative determined by ‘unique data sets and criteria’.  Triggers for creative will be the obvious ones-weather(temperature) and time of day, plus location considerations such as parks, rail stations, liquor stores, and open spaces.  So while the triggers are not anything new, the agile scheduling which could be hourly changes, is relatively new.  The brands’ OOH messages will react to key moments that matter for each individual product. In addition to the story below, if you are a real marketing data nerd and want to go real deep in understanding Diageo and how they built a new analytics tool, read this ⇒How Diageo Drives Marketing Effectiveness

Below is a Diageo story in its entirety about a unique DOOH campaign which recently launched.

From Marketing Communication News

Diageo Continues OOH Innovation, Launching the Medium’s Most Sophisticated Portfolio Campaign

Diageo has this month launched one of the most sophisticated digital out-of-home (OOH) portfolio campaign that the medium has ever seen.

Devised by out-of-home and location marketing specialist Posterscope and Carat, in partnership with  Liveposter, the portfolio campaign uses the JCDecaux LDN network and will see advertising campaigns for five of Diageo’s spirit brands – Gordon’sTanquerayCaptain MorganSmirnoff and Smirnoff Cider – share digital airtime across the network, with each brand’s activity triggered by several unique datasets and criteria.

Each brand campaign has its own location criteria plus additional triggers such as weather and time of day also being applied.  These triggers will not only determine which brand becomes active and when but also which creative message will be used.

Other data sets that will influence the dynamic campaign delivery will include individual brand sales considerations such as purchase points and key drivers.  For example, Smirnoff Cider activity will be in proximity to parks and off-trade, with bespoke creative executions served when the weather reaches a certain temperature.

Screen locations are in close proximity to on and off-trade stockists, railway stations, parks and open spaces, and campaigns will be optimised hourly by location to the audience in the area, to stimulate consideration and purchase.

The activity runs from Thursday to Saturday each week from July through to December and is supplementary to each brands’ existing OOH activity.

Anita Robinson, European Category Director at Diageo, said: “Digital technology and dynamic scheduling allow us to be more agile and responsive than ever in terms of when and where we activate campaigns for our portfolio of brands while also providing significant business benefits from booking OOH at scale.”

Anita Robinson, European Category Director at Diageo, said: “Out-of-home always features heavily on our media plans because we value its brand building qualities and the rich creative canvas it provides, but the innovation we are seeing in the medium now means it can now offer so much more. Digital technology and dynamic scheduling allow us to be more agile and responsive than ever in terms of when and where we activate campaigns for our portfolio of brands while also providing significant business benefits from booking OOH at scale.”

Alexandra Porritt, Client Strategy Director at Posterscope, said: “This campaign marks the most sophisticated and complex portfolio campaign we’ve ever planned, and fully maximises the multiple benefits of digital out of home available to us today. This flexible, portfolio management approach gives Diageo’s spirit brands a guaranteed OOH presence throughout the rest of the year, but with the added ability to react to key moments that matter to each individual product.





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