Ford50 Campaign Celebrates the Legacy of Gerald R. Ford

And Bill Board Celebrates OOH

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In Grand Rapids Michigan, they love their Jerry Ford, especially the OOH community. I started my OOH career in GR with what is now OUTFRONT (Gannett/Eller/Walker) and know first hand the admiration and pride the community has for their home town boy, Gerald Ford. The Outdoor folks are especially proud as Ford used poster panels back in the day of his early political career as US Congressman for the Michigan 5th District (GR) to win his elections. Gerald Ford was re-elected 12 times by his home district to the U.S. Congress with at least 60% of the vote in each election.  I recall telling the story of Ford buying billboards back in his day as a reason for other political candidates I pitched in the early ’80s.  Yes, they bought. We’ll take a bow for helping Ford with those victories and eventually attaining the Presidency. It’s great to see ECP keep the tradition alive! Thank you!

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIt’s been nearly fifty years since Grand Rapids’ own Gerald R. Ford took office as Vice President, and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation has partnered with award-winning design and advertising agency, Extra Credit Projects (ECP) to promote the momentous occasion.

With a variety of tactics, including digital, social, print collateral, out of home, email marketing and on-premises branding, the Ford50 campaign drives awareness of Ford’s virtues, as well as the Foundation’s work in the community.

“It’s been a privilege to work with the Foundation and bring new life to Ford’s history and its important place in West Michigan and the country,” said Rob Jackson, Executive Creative Director of ECP.

Through awareness of the Foundation, as well as increased memberships of the Friends of Ford program, this first phase of a multi-year campaign works to fundraise for the Foundation’s short and long-term strategic goals and initiatives. Funds raised will positively impact programs such as the Ford Leadership Forum, DeVos Learning Center, Presidential Museum and Library, and more, which bring resources, world-class speaker events, unique and exciting exhibit experiences, and other educational opportunities in Grand Rapids and beyond.

“Never again in our lifetime will we be able to focus so much of our nation’s attention on President Ford,” said Gleaves Whitney, Executive Director of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation. “It’s our mission to leverage that focus to raise awareness of his character and achievements, attract students to study his bipartisan approach to civics and government, and pay homage to him with programs and exhibits through the remainder of 2023 and beyond.”

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For more information about Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation, visit To see more from Extra Credit Projects, visit, or contact Rob Jackson at 616.454.2955.

Founded in 2006, Extra Credit Projects (ECP) is an award-winning advertising, design and media agency that creates digital and traditional integrated campaigns for local, regional and national clients. ECP maintains a mission to provide extraordinary ideas to extraordinary brands, clients and causes.

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation fosters awareness of the life and legacy of America’s 38th President through activities promoting the high ideals of integrity, honesty, and candor that defined President Ford’s extraordinary career of public service.

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