Homage to the ‘90s —YEXT with First-Ever OOH Content Sponsorship



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Yext Pays Homage to the ‘90s
with First-Ever OOH Content Sponsorship


The ‘90s are back when it comes to so many trends from hairstyles to music to fashion. But the one place this decade is not welcome is in the digital world because — let’s face it — no one wants to experience pre-Y2K tech again. But there is an outdated technology that is still having its way with millions of business websites: keyword search.

Yext, an AI search company, launched a 1990s-themed marketing campaign using Intersection’s LinkNYC kiosks to raise awareness and educate businesses on the real problem of using outdated keyword search to run their business. Unlike the modern, AI-powered search Yext offers that understands natural language and delivers direct answers to questions, keyword search delivers lists of often irrelevant hyperlinks to sort through. Considered revolutionary when it hit the enterprise in 1999, not much has changed with keyword search. Meanwhile, consumer search, led by Google, has seen dramatic innovations over the last 20 years that make searching online or via voice assistants almost conversational.

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The integrated campaign celebrates the ‘90s in true iconic fashion, featuring physical “Keyword Search” CD magazine inserts reminiscent of the classic AOL discs that drive people to an interactive “choose your own adventure” game challenging players to “escape the ’90s” and impending Y2K doom.

The campaign also features the first-ever OOH content sponsorship. As part of the #LinkNYCFacts series, LinkNYC’s digital displays will feature facts about New York City in the ‘90s, sponsored by Yext. Typically content sponsorships are done online, but this will be the first sponsorship of a custom recurring series in OOH (with an audience of fans!). Fun facts featured in the campaign include:

  • 500 million of NYC’s Greek style ‘Anthora’ coffee cups were sold in 1994
  • Tattooing was banned in NYC from 1961 to 1997
  • The NYC Parks Department started the street tree census in 1995

Who put together the creative?
Yext’s in-house Creative Studio designed the creative to fit within the #LinkNYCFacts template. 

How are the locations determined and selected?
Link locations were selected based on demographic data. Yext’s target audience are business decision makers who work primarily in Marketing, internal IT Departments, Product Development and Software Development Technology.

How will the campaign’s success be defined?
The main goals of Yext’s LinkNYC activation are brand awareness and engagement among its target audience. Yext hopes that after engaging with LinkNYCFacts, including the QR code that leads to its custom microsite, more people will not only associate the company as a search company, but also understand its message about how outdated and ubiquitous keyword search is — and hopefully take action in their own companies, looking into whether they use keyword search themselves, and proposing to explore Yext as a modern alternative.

How long does the campaign last?
May 10th – August 1st


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