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Embracing Innovation and Generational Stories with Kevin Reilly Jr. | Digital & Dirt Podcast

As you know, we do not typically recommend many of the OOH podcasts because, well, many of the ‘hosts’ are damn weak absolute noobs posing as OOH ‘Experts’.  On the other hand, we have also made clear our belief and support of Lamar Advertising’s Ian Dallimore who simply paid his dues, learning the business from the ground up and frankly, knows his shit.

Ian does his ‘show’ via his Digital and Dirt (DD) Podcast.

OK that’s off my chest. This long-winded intro brings us to sharing a standout Double D podcast hosting former Lamar hands on, older brother, Harvard grad, big dog, Kevin Reilly Jr. He is Executive Chairman of Lamar Advertising.

This DD Podcast is titled Embracing Innovation and Generational Stories with Executive Chairman of Lamar Advertising Kevin Reilly Jr. 

We can attempt to offer further description to draw you into the Podcast but that’s Ian’s task so we’ll include his promo comments below in italics. Listen, just take our word for it, grab your headphones or personal listening device and write off the next 48 minutes to personal growth. This is your chance to pick up more shortcuts and slick tricks, novices.

To kick off Season 5 of the Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian sat down with Kevin Reilly Jr., Executive Chairman of Lamar Advertising, for a conversation focused on Lamar’s innovative spirit and to share compelling stories from the company’s rich generational history.  Join us as we delve into Lamar’s culture of innovation, exploring its rich generational history and captivating stories that have shaped its journey.

As the episode unfolds, Kevin offers a glimpse into his integral role within the family business. He shares stories from the early days when his father took the reins of the company, illuminating the significant milestones achieved during that transformative era.

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Kevin explains how, upon transitioning to the role of CEO in 1989, he took Lamar Advertising to soaring heights. The episode delves into the successes he achieved during his time, including the pivotal moment of taking the business public. Under Kevin’s leadership, the company evolved from traditional paint-based advertising to embracing innovative technologies and more.

Kevin reflects on the evolving dynamics of family involvement and discusses the critical transitions when Sean, his brother, took the mantle of CEO, and as his son, Ross, continued to make strides within the company.

Don’t miss out on this engaging conversation that sets the tone for an incredible Season 5. To learn more about this episode, check out Lamar’s blog linked here –

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