Broadsign Unveils the Next Generation of its OOH Platform

One home for digital, programmatic, and static
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Broadsign Unveils the Next Generation of its OOH Platform Ahead of ISE 2023
Unified user interface (UI), new flexible audience-targeting campaign tools, and expanded static access to help media owners work more efficiently and expand revenue opportunities

Montreal, Canada  – Broadsign, the leading out-of-home (OOH) technology developer, announced its next-gen OOH platform ahead of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), held in Barcelona, Spain, January 31-February 3, 2022. Designed to help OOH media owners enhance business management, operations, and scalability, the reimagined platform includes unified access to existing Broadsign product subscriptions, audience-based campaign targeting, and expanded static signage operations.

A unified notion of inventory, audience, and campaign management

The updated Broadsign platform boasts a new user experience that brings inventory and audience management for digital screens together and centralizes access to Broadsign product subscriptions, starting with Broadsign Direct and Broadsign Reach. With these enhancements, OOH media owners will now have one centralized hub where they can sell ad space, automate yield optimization, manage digital inventory and audience metrics, and advance their programmatic strategy. The unified platform is available today to new customers, with existing customers being onboarded throughout 2023.

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Sell audience-based campaigns with Broadsign’s new OOH ad server

Broadsign’s new OOH ad server lets media owners get more granular and plan campaigns based on specific audience demographics and contexts. It arrives as the demand for campaign flexibility, and more sophisticated targeting continues to grow and will make it easier for media owners to serve campaigns based on real-time conditions like weather, financial market shifts, points of interest, and more. The new ad server is expected to launch February 2023 in beta.

One home for digital, programmatic, and static

Building off Ayuda’s rich static OOH experience, a new enhancement coming later this year expands platform access to static operations for current customers using the Broadsign Platform. It will consolidate static operations, such as campaign charting, real-time stock levels, creative management, and scheduling work orders.

“Between OOH’s continued programmatic advancement and the increasing digitization of screens, the OOH industry has grown more complex, and we’re continuously evolving our product portfolio to ensure our clients can thrive in a dynamic landscape,” shared Broadsign Director of Product Marketing Sabrina Allard. “The first update we’re showing at ISE is just the tip of the iceberg, and we’re excited to bring clients additional features that will give them more agility to launch new products and services, and unlock new revenue opportunities.”

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Broadsign’s platform evolution is a game changer in that we can use the same inventory source for both direct and programmatic sales. It’s straightforward to use, provides a more holistic view of our available digital displays, and connects campaigns sold direct with our programmatic campaigns,” shared Anna Ek, an early adopter of the evolved platform and commercial product owner, programmatic and ad opps for Scandinavia, Clear Channel Sweden. “We can easily add, update, and manage our inventory or set new screens live from one central hub, which saves us time and helps ensure all our data is updated at the right time.”

NBS Digital Manager Steve Bovey, an early adopter of the evolved platform, added,  “As a longtime Broadsign user, we’re excited about the latest platform updates and the new advantages they bring to our business. Having all our Broadsign tools accessible from one central location will make our team’s job that much easier. Connecting all screens and audiences across all our products will help us optimize inventory management and operations, and we can’t wait to explore the future updates.”

“Broadsign has given us such a solid foundation to build our digital network on and proven a trusted adviser as we’ve scaled our business, transitioned from static to digital, and made the leap to programmatic,” shared Valentin Kück, DOOH IT & administration, RBL Media, also an early adopter of the evolved platform. “Given our experiences with the Broadsign team and technology, we anticipate these new changes to the platform will only expand what’s possible here at RBL Media and for the overall OOH industry.”

About Broadsign
Broadsign empowers publishers, agencies, and brands to harness the power of out-of-home and connect with audiences across the globe. Powering over one million static and digital signs along roadways and in airports, shopping malls, retail centers, health clinics, transit systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and more, Broadsign reaches audiences at multiple touchpoints throughout the consumer journey. The Broadsign platform helps media owners efficiently manage their business operations while enabling brands and agencies to easily book OOH campaigns. The platform includes tools for content distribution, playback and proof of performance; sales inventory availability and proposal generation; automated programmatic DOOH transactions; and OOH business operations.

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