A “CALL TO ARMS” to Think and Eat Differently

"Eat Differently" —massive outdoor campaign

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Encouraging people to eat plants, not animals, the campaign comments on as well as pays homage to the classic Think Different campaign 

LOS ANGELES — In one of the largest campaigns ever produced to inspire people to eat plants, not animals, “Eat Differently” launched today with a massive outdoor campaign which includes 29 billboards that will be displayed for three months in the Greater San Diego area.

The billboards feature luminaries, all of whom have been vocal and/or passionate about eating a plant-forward diet. The campaign illustrates the fact that a large portion of the original icons featured in the Think Different campaign ate differently as well, including Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall, Cesar Chavez, and many others.

Eat Differently is an homage to and commentary on Apple’s classic Think Different campaign introduced in the late 90’s. The Eat Differently campaign hopes to inspire people to question the status quo and think–and eat–for themselves.

Accompanying the PSA is a poignant video featuring iconic figures, both from history and the present day, who have advocated consuming plants over animals. The website will also feature famous quotes from more than 25 historic figures such as this quote from Sir David Attenborough, “We must change our diet. The planet can’t support billions of meat-eaters.”

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States GenV.org CEO, Naomi Hallum, “It’s extremely pressing that people switch from eating meat to a diet that centers on plants.” Hallum further adds, “And I can’t wait for the people of San Diego to see these stunningly beautiful billboards and to make the connection between thinking differently and eating differently.”

The billboard images were painted exclusively for the Eat Differently PSA by renowned speed artist, Amy Burkman. Amy’s freehand artistic interpretation of seven icons is chronicled in this video.

The campaign will punctuate why consuming plants over animals is critically important to transition to a plant-based diet for improving our health, stopping animal cruelty, protecting our planet, fighting world hunger, and preventing diseases and pandemics.

Eat Differently, LLC was formed in 2023 as a public service resource. The Eat Differently mission is to inspire the world to eat plants, not animals. @eatlikeanicon eatdifferently.com

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