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AdQuick.com Launches Audience-Based Buying For Outdoor Media

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Audience-based buying allows marketers and advertisers to purchase out-of-home media based solely on their target audience

AdQuick.com, the top out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform in the world, announced new capabilities with the launch of audience-based buying. With this development, AdQuick users can now purchase OOH media based entirely on their target audience –– thereby simplifying the process of planning and buying OOH media for brand advertisers, ecommerce companies, and any advertisers with place-agnostic media strategies.

message for Wrapify
message for Wrapify

“Our brand and agency clients have told us that they are often looking to reach a specific demographic, regardless of where they happen to reside across the country,” said Matthew O’Connor, chief executive officer of AdQuick. “Our new audience-based buying feature allows advertisers to buy the best ad units based on their desired target audience, rather than limiting their campaigns to traditional location-by-location buying.”

Audience-based buying allows advertisers to arbitrage the variation in pricing between markets, and reach their demographics with more efficiency. By opening the aperture from a specific location or market to the breadth of all available OOH media, advertisers can reach their target audience for 30-50% less than focusing on specific locations.

Profile photo of Ted Day-Fratto“When advertisers plan unit-by-unit or confine their campaigns to only a few markets, they’re ignoring over 95% of all of the potential OOH units available,” said Ted Day-Fratto, director of product at AdQuick. “In contrast, by including the over one million OOH units across the country, they unlock trillions of combinations. While this would be impossible to plan manually, AdQuick’s audience-based buying automates the selection process so that it becomes fast and easy.”

To leverage audience-based buying, advertisers simply identify the audience they would like to reach along with crucial campaign parameters such as max cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or required media restrictions. AdQuick then develops a tailored OOH plan designed to reach this audience at the lowest price available.

“Marketers and advertisers have experienced success with data-driven advertising within online marketing for decades,” said O’Connor. “Audience-based buying in OOH offers similar benefits, without the ad fraud or brand safety concerns that continue to plague the online advertising space. AdQuick is pushing OOH advertisers to go beyond the traditional for better engagement at more efficient prices.”

About AdQuick, Inc.
Founded in Los Angeles in 2016, AdQuick.com is the leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform that makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure every kind of outdoor advertising. With over 1100 media partners spanning all types of OOH media, AdQuick connects advertisers and agencies to OOH media owners anywhere in the U.S. and abroad, including the UK, Canada, Germany, France, and 13 other countries.

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