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7 Word Lessons —Not 6, Not 8 —The Billboard Campaign

It took a pandemic to make it happen

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Publisher’s note: This idea should be filed under why didn’t I think of that? It’s been in front of us our entire OOH careers. What a natural. It took a pandemic to make it happen.  Stellar Stuff! 


7 Word Lessons—Not 6, Not 8

The OOH Campaign


With classrooms closed, a partnership between WorkInProgress & ODN (Outdoor Nation) is taking education to the streets. Seven words at a time. 

Seven-Word Lessons (7-WL) was created by WorkInProgress, an innovation and advertising agency in Boulder, Colorado. WorkInProgress believes every person should be a work in progress. That means ongoing learning, even when you’re stuck at home. Additional support comes from Outdoor Nation.

Already participating in the campaign donating and discounting space are the following OOH providers; KEVANIMile High OutdoorJCDecauxOrange Barrel Media, and OUTFRONT Media.

The 7-WL program is designed to educate students in the K-8 school range. A broad range of subjects: math, history, art, science, language, geography, business, physical education, music and beyond are welcomed. As long as your lesson is educational and seven words in length.

To submit a lesson you need to be a teacher. Part of the project’s mission is to support teachers while schools are closed. 7-WL will pay $25 for each lesson published on billboards and social media to educators only. That said, anyone and everyone is welcomed to create their own Seven-Word Lessons. Share them on social with a #sevenwordlessons hashtag and 7-WL will check them out.


Why seven words?

Billboard headlines are usually seven words or less, since short-term memory holds, on average, seven items. That’s why 7-WL is asking teachers in the U.S. to submit seven-word lessons, which will be displayed on billboards visible from homes and apartments across the country.

For more information on types of lessons, the number of lessons, and obtaining billboards, go to the link here ⇒https://sevenwordlessons.com     


For OOH Owners, if you’re able to donate a digital billboard in your city, please reach out


The project launches May 18th in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. New five-minute lesson blocks will appear on billboards daily at 12 PM EST. 

The project’s creators are funding teacher payments and billboards for 30 days with the hope to extend Seven-Word Lessons and expand into additional cities. To achieve this, your support is welcome.

“Special thanks for 

For further details on the 7 Word Lessons campaign including example lessons and instructions on submitting lessons visit https://sevenwordlessons.com



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  1. Larry Smith says

    Here’s a website that did think of that …. 13 years ago, with 9 bestselling books to boot: sixwordmemoirs.com

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    thank you Larry Smith. We looked at the site and there it is Six Words. I didn’t see anything which involved billboards but the meaning is near the same.
    I am going to connect you with the OAAA and Geopath who Co-sponsor our annual OOH Conference. It appears your message might suit our membership. Thank you again for your comment.

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