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The Top 5 Trends for OOH Advertisers this 2022

It's Perspicacity

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by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

We’ve almost made it. The year that felt like it would never end is at a close.
As the year wraps up, let’s take a look at some trends that OOH advertisers should keep in mind:

  1. Content Marketing. One of 2021’s biggest trends is predicted to stay at the top for 2022 according to com. Their yearly trend article states that, “As we head into 2022, marketers should expect even more fragmentation and noise, making it harder than ever to break through the clutter with advertising messages alone.” To challenge this, focusing on top-notch content that surprises, entertains, informs and engages will be crucial to advertising success.
  2. Data Analytics and metrics. The same Entrepreneur.com article cautions that “Companies are spending less money, so showing return on investment (ROI) will become increasingly important…” For OOH producers, being able to show real-time numbers on KPI’s will be an essential part of your business strategy.
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. AdAge quotes VMLY&R chief integration officer, Myron King, as saying “’We saw a much wider array of faces, skin tones, family and relationship dynamics take the spotlight in 2021 marketing than ever before.”’ As our industry embraces and welcomes more diversity into the conversation, we can expect to see greater changes in advertising culture and messaging.
  4. Eco-consciousness: One topic that continues to weigh on consumers’ minds is the environment. In fact, according to Google, “sustainability is more top of mind now than it was before the pandemic.” Brands will continue to look for ways to reduce waste,  rethink their manufacturing process, and be more transparent about every aspect of their business, As a result, there will be an increased need to let people about the actions they’re taking.
  5. Consumer Challenges. Just as 2021 caused many to rethink their career paths, we can expect to see people re-evaluating their spending habits. Forbes notes that this trend may make it harder for companies to accurately predict consumer behavior. Reassessing how we measure audience engagement may be an important tactic in the months ahead.

Image Source:  Geralt from Pixabay

Message for Movia Media

When it comes to planning for the year to come, the word that comes to mind is perspicacity. Having the discernment and insight to work with these trends and challenges wisely, and a readiness to pivot when things evolve or new movements arise will be key.  There is a lot of uncertainty on the horizon; but as we in OOH have learned: change is another word for opportunity.

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