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12 Favorite Billboards

What's Your Favorite Billboard?

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by Nick Coston, OOH Media Buyer and Agent



Last week I put a simple call out for everyone’s favorite OOH product here in the U.S. I received 20 responses, kind of short of my expectations, but it is August in our industry. I have 5 picks of my own. Of course I have 5, it’s my story. Plus not many of us OOH peeps have been to as many markets as I have.

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So it goes:

Baltimore, Eastern Outdoor
This I-95 static bulletin, facing south left hand read as you head into downtown Baltimore. Best static bulletin in Baltimore. We used to call this the St Agnes board until I came along and when it was free made it a regular in rotation for Geico

Dallas, Clear Channel Outdoor
On I-35 E, left hand read, real waterfall billboard. Iconic. CCO story here⇒ Dallas Landmark Although right now it may have another Molson Coors product on it. It’s world famous and sells for $95,000 per month. Just kidding, but it’s more than your average digital flip. The story of the waterfall board click ⇒ ‘falls board

Chicago, Outfront Media
Located on I-94 heading south out of downtown Chicago, right hand read. Outfront Media jumbo board, also iconic to the city. Currently has Verizon on it. You think you are going to drive straight into it. Had Lite Beer on it for years. It cost more in a year than my house.

Chicago billboard for Verizon
Outfront Media

 NYC Times Square, New Tradition
 This digital runs vertical on the building where the NYE ball drops. Its digital now and has awesome creative running. You can’t miss it. This is a New Tradition property now and its simply amazing. It’s what Times Square is all about

Dallas, Clear Channel Outdoor
At I-635, heading into DFW Airport area, right hand read. Was an Albert Outdoor board for years but is now CCO. Wide open read. Great board for an airline

Las Vegas, Connell Outdoor
Connell has spectacular bulletins as you leave the LV airport. Many close to the highway/roads 20 x 60’s that you can’t miss. The best is a left-center hand read as you leave the airport, it juts out over the highway, you can almost touch it.

Los Angeles ACE Outdoor
The Rooftop 14 x 48 static bulletin on the famed bar/nightclub The Whiskey a Go Go. Shows to a big, busy intersection. Was CCO, I believe it is now ACE Outdoor. Plans to turn parts of it into a super digital unit are in the works

Sacramento, Marquee Media
Here are successive 14 x 48 digital bulletins, 3 in a row, left hand reads. Cars banking to the right into a curve drive right into these 3 perfectly placed units. Truly profound OOH!

Houston, Outfront Media
This is an incredibly large static bulletin, knows as the largest continuous bulletin in Texas. Texas is big. This board measures in at 33′ x 135′. Really. United Airlines has had it booked for the entire 20 years the structure has been up.

Tampa, Outfront Media
This bulletin has a center-cut read on I-275 near the I-4 intersection, a can’t miss 14 x 48 downtown Tampa. In markets where Outfront has choice bulletins, this one sticks out.

Charlotte, NC Adams Outdoor
My good buds at Adams Outdoor in Charlotte have some amazing bulletins. They also have most of them in that market. Their favorite is a 14 x 48 on I-277 1/2 mile from I-77. Outstanding location near a main exit that reaches all the downtown venues. This left hand read is close to the road and almost even with the highway, you can’t miss it.

Greensboro, Lamar
Finally, still in NC, the entry from my favorite rep ever, JJ, at Lamar (was Fairway) Greensboro. A fine 14 x 48 digital unit, right hand read, hanging nearly over the highway on Business I-40, Salem Parkway, facing west

Criteria for all boards includes how easy they are to read while still driving safely, proximity to road, height and finally the road they are on, are they located on key roadways? As we used to say when scoring boards on market rides, these are all “10” ‘s So that’s the top 12 as of today, we all know there are plenty more, so sometime in 2021 will revisit this list after a few more market rides. Until then, put the cell phone down, buckle up and enjoy the OOH scenery. Shouts out Rusty in Tampa, Michael, Jeanine and Danny in Charlotte, Jay in Houston, Derek in Dallas, my cousin Barb in LA, Jessica in Las Vegas, Barry in NYC, Kurt in Baltimore, now retired Bob in Chicago, JJ in Greensboro, Katherine in Dallas and Jeff in Sacramento.

If you have a favorite billboard, feel free to send it to me with the location and photo. Will build up the database for the next, end of year posting. Until then, see you on the highway.

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  1. Randy J Jackson says

    Not only is the size of the Outfront board in Houston huge. You should see the traffic count!

  2. Visibility and high traffic / impressions. Its all that counts. thank you Randy Jackson